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Ladies, lets battle! Posted on 06-18-2007

This thread is only for the female poets/rappers/etc. come in here to have fun & let loose. only rule is no catchin feelings! every month we have a theme on what to rap about. this month:...you have to put 2 brand names in yo rap. I'll start This be that redbone sweetie on the track, right My fingertips bring a tingle to your back, right? You better act right, cause if your mack tight I might let you beat it up like a catfight T o r I last name Thompson My physical presence adding three inches to your Johnson My lyrical metaphors be leaving the weak unconscious And my records of pulling brothazleaving chickens astonished Oh Now Mary had a little lamb with fleece as white as snow And everywhere that Mary went that lamb was sure to go But I ain’t mary And I don’t wear fleece So you’ll see me riding solo in HIS 92 Caprice Classic With my beat drastic And my peeve’s tattlers So haters end up in a pickle like they eat Vlasic So mind your business, ladies, And think before you act ‘Fore folks be on that Boost Mobile hollering, “Where You At?”
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Sister Tamara from Davenport, IA replied on 06-25-2007 04:35PM [Reply]

PRAISE THE LORD!!! Well, what do you know, a church sista that can flow, who can put down a track, that's never been whack, it's a shame you see, you use your kitty, to lure company, but don't let that phony, feed the cat, he's not worth that, Well, maybe to you, since you're riding in "HIS '92", but it's funny you see, because that '92 belong to me, Oh, I'm not a fake, don't make a mistake, that guys my brother...for heavens sake, while you enjoy his ride, just look to the side, you'll see it's MY bubble with MY title inside... Don't be blinded by the Bling, groupees never get a ring, Oh, Oh...Ding, Ding, Ding, (below the belt hit...are you ready to quit?) It's a showdown at noon, I'm sorry to burst your balloon, and ruin the surprise, but any female can make a man rise, you think you're in the race, with your poker face, now it's your turn to bid, Silly, rabbit...don't you know trix are for kids, maybe you should wait, amateur night is still great, if you're not use to the game, just admit you're a lame, "Sorry," go head & stick out your lip, "I think I just sunk your battleship!!!"
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C Nels replied on 06-26-2007 12:00AM [Reply]
Wow! For both of you. Tamara you're slayin em.....in the Spirit!
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Sister Tamara from Davenport, IA replied on 07-02-2007 03:56PM [Reply]

PRAISE THE LORD!!! Well, it's a new month and I was just wondering what's the theme? Or maybe it's winners choice? If that's the case then maybe I should start thinking myself because... it seems as thou, my opponents a no show, done went A.W.O.L., couldn't get up before the bell, I stepped up to get my crown, last I looked you were still down, Oh my...could it be, that you tipped out on me, My name was called as the winner, but it's a shame I have no contender, Oh well, what do you know, it seems that I have no foe, Excuse me, beg your pardon, but was that you on the milk carton, or maybe that was not the case, Yes, I know where I saw your face, it was on a missing poster, next to the aisle with the toaster, come on...lets be real, I'm ready to work a deal, put down the ice & remove the patch, I am ready for a rematch!!!
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CN1CE from Brooklyn, NY replied on 07-02-2007 07:31PM [Reply]

I got to go with A.P.S. on this one. That Mary had a little lamb line was fiyah.
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Sister Tamara from Davenport, IA replied on 07-04-2007 07:14PM [Reply]

PRAISE THE LORD!!! It was so much like fiyah, that she burnt herself up...lol!!!
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Sister Tamara from Davenport, IA replied on 07-08-2007 05:48PM [Reply]

PRAISE THE LORD!!! Well, I would have to say that it's time for a new battle. This time there is no rules...whoever feels up to the challenge, step up to the plate and see what happens. This just reminded me of a pet peeve... I don't like it when I get myself all worked up over something good and then nothing happens!!! (e.g. ready to battle and no one to battle)
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Miss_Denae from philadelphia, PA replied on 07-09-2007 09:57AM [Reply]

WOOOOWWWWW GO AHEAD !!! that was tight .. spittin truth
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Jamaican Shawty replied on 07-09-2007 12:27PM [Reply]
lol sister tamara do ya thing gurl
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Sister Tamara from Davenport, IA replied on 06-23-2008 12:59AM [Reply]

PRAISE THE LORD!!! I think enough time has passed that we should be able to resurrect this thread. There are quite a few females that are posting...come on ladies what do you say??? I think it's unfair that I never did get to actually battle someone...I think it would be fun. No rules except for the original one, females can't be catching feelings...check your emotions at the door!!!
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