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A Dream that I had this past year Posted on 07-01-2007

Brother P
hardeeville, SC
DREAM I was at Bishop TD Jakes' Church when he took my hand, stretched forth my fingers, and yelled into my hand, “JESUS!!!” He looked out amongst the congregation and told them to bless me. As the people passed me, they would place in my hand cash and checks. Several white people passed and I was privy to there conversation. They commented that Bishop Jakes was a ****. After they passed a young lady approached me writing a check. When I glanced at her the second time her Sunday attire had changed into Greek paraphernalia. She was wearing Delta Sigma Theta paraphernalia from head to toe. I told her I had something to tell her and she was not going to like it. She backed up and said, “Don’t tell me I don’t want to hear it!” I than began to share with her my testimony about my deliverance from Greek associations. She handed me the check and walked away distraught. INTERPRETATION The Father’s Blessing Early in church history, apostolic fathers such as Paul imparted grace and giftings into their spiritual sons. Apostolic fathers were instrumental in helping the next generation discover their passions, creativity, giftings, and anointings. Bishop Jakes is embraced as a contemporary apostolic father in the Body of Christ. The dream illustrates a powerful principle about the dynamics of a spiritual father and son relationship. Spiritual fathers help shape their sons prophetic destiny in manifold ways. The dream clearly points to three areas of influence and investment in the life of a spiritual son: 1) Spiritual fathers identify the **** within their spiritual sons 2) Spiritual fathers disciple sons in their calling and labor to see Christ formed in their character and life 3) Spiritual fathers speak to the ****, barren and unproductive areas of their sons lives and align them to receive the Father’s blessing (demonstrated when Bishop yells Jesus over what was in your hand) You are entering a season of divine connections. You will submit to the Father’s correction and counsel for your life through the voice of a spiritual father. This connection will lead to the further unfolding of your prophetic purpose and destiny. The dream reveals that the Creator is ready to endow what is in your hand (which includes your life, ministry, and destiny). The Lord desires for a spiritual father to speak to the blind spots in your life that you may grow in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and men (see Luke 2:52). Sons that seek God and His righteousness are properly positioned to receive gracious endowments and blessings from their heavenly Father. Favor Aint’ Fair The Lord desires to increase your influence in your family, your community, and in the Church. The dream reveals that your heavenly Father will release the next wave of favor into your life once you are aligned to receive spiritual insight from your spiritual father whose role is to help shape your life and ministry for this next outpouring. When you stretched forth your fingers as the man of God commanded you, it was your willingness to submit yourself to a father’s instruction that unlocked this new dimension of increase and favor in the dream. Mighty man of valor, the hand of the Lord is strong upon you in this season and the dream was given to encourage you in this next season to embrace the mentoring plan the Father has elected for you which ultimately is designed to bring you into greater fruitfulness and abundance. The scriptures states it like this, “For it is God that gives you power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which He swore unto your fathers.” The Lord is empowering your life through a covenant relationship that will serve to remove flesh or anything that impedes the flow of the anointing into your life. You are embarking upon a journey that will bring you into your prophetic Goshen. You will know you have arrived when you have found favor with both God and men. The ridiculous season of favor that is coming to you will undoubtedly cause many to take inventory of their own lives and pursue a deeper consecration with the Lord of the harvest. Many will complain that your increase is unmerited. Many will claim the Lord is not fair when He promotes you over others that feel they have been more faithful than yourself. The Father is just in glorifying His name through a broken and yielded vessel that just happens to be you. Haters and Destiny Slayers The law of reciprocity is in full effect in your life. Luke 6:38 paraphrased simply states that Lord has made you a steward of what He has placed in your hands. When you invest what is in your hands into the kingdom of God the Father commands the blessing over your life. The blessing will provoke men to give into your passions (translated from bosoms to mean passions) so you may have the resources and influences to build and advance the kingdom of God. The flip side of this principle is that negative emotions will impede the flow of life. The dream reveals hidden critical and judgmental attitudes that you have toward some men in leadership. The Father exposes these hidden prejudices so you can take inventory and rid your spirit of any toxic emotions that will cause you to miss your divine connection. The white people who questioned Bishop’s integrity is that side of you that has had negative experiences with men in authority (this includes biological relations as well). The Father is ready to confront past issues as it relates to authority **** and the long term effects that it has had in your life. This is the season to heal from past disappointments that you may embrace with passion and great expectancy the things the Father will impart into your life through covenant relationships. Dreamer, you are admonished in the dream not to let familiar ties (associations and leagues with others) cause you to miss the best the Father has for you in this life time. The distraught lady in the Greek paraphernalia represents familiar church traditions and philosophies (DST comes from an old Greek philosophy) that many will struggle with breaking their allegiance from if they are to reclaim their prophetic destinies. The old religious mindsets lure many into a false sense of deliverance and freedom. The dream warns you not to hold to old paradigms that foster an atmosphere of counterfeit blessings. The old garments that kept you entrapped in cycles of defeat and despair are being removed in this season. Man of God the Father promise to you is that every blessing He adds to you will make you rich and is guaranteed not to add any sorrow with it. Dreamer, the haters and destiny slayers that threaten your future are strongholds of the mind and impurities of the spirit. Be vigilant in eradicating the enemies of your soul. Your loving Father is sending a spiritual father that will help to posture you according to godly character and purpose that you may expand your borders and increase on EVERY side. In the infamous words of Bishop Jakes, “Get ready, get ready, get ready……,” to multiply, increase, and overflow. Equipped to properly handle the favor of the Lord, Prophetess Lisa James Welcome to Hannah's Cry
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C Nels replied on 07-01-2007 10:11AM [Reply]
What made you denounce Omega?
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Brother P from hardeeville, SC replied on 07-01-2007 11:09AM [Reply]

the words of a Proud Alpha Man Mr Tony Brown why is this book buried and yes it speaks volumes about what happenned in 1906 in the state of NEW YORK http://www.amazon.com/gp/reader/0688169740/ref=sib_dp_pt/105-9772091-6016444#reader-link
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C Nels replied on 07-01-2007 12:49PM [Reply]
Ummm, OK.
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Brother P from hardeeville, SC replied on 07-01-2007 02:40PM [Reply]

http://www.geocities.com/glos_havebeenexposed/watsonreport.pdf Jesus Christ is the LIGHT of the WORLD
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C Nels replied on 07-03-2007 03:24AM [Reply]
I wasted 9 pieces of paper and ink when I printed this out. Poor trees! Go Green everybody! lol
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Brother P from hardeeville, SC replied on 07-03-2007 08:11AM [Reply]

You want to save trees stop buying and making paddles out of wood and read documents on line. JESUS CHRIST IS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD
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evy08 replied on 07-03-2007 08:21AM [Reply]
watches conversation in amazment Well a minister at my church is a Que .....and his faith doesn't seem to be shaken at all. [but hey continue with your story Bro P]
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C Nels replied on 07-03-2007 11:43AM [Reply]
I was actually giving you the benefit of the doubt in hopes of the document being something informative so I printed it out but as I read, all hope was lost. I haven't bought or made a paddle in almost 10 years so I guess I don't see your point. It's alright for you to have severed your fraternity and/or masonic ties because of your faith. I don't fault you or knock you for doing so. If you feel that that was the best move for you to take to grow in Christ then so be it, it's not for me to judge. My walk and your walk are two different walks, but I pray that we all end up with the Father. Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. - John 14:6(NIV)
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Jamaican Shawty replied on 07-03-2007 12:29PM [Reply]
Thats crazy but to be honest I thought fraternities were not all about **** and partyin and crap like that i honestly thought it was a brotherly bond enriching the community with community service and all about education and upholding the legacy of your founding fathers i mean dont get me wrong i would think parties are involved but gosh darnit i dont think it was the fraternity that you should have denounced but maybe just your ways of life because my sisters best friend is a delta and she lives one of the most adorable lives and please believe she reps her sorrority err where she goes but she doesnt let that manage her life and i no a couple of ques and yes yall are wild but where u talkin about to the point u denounced hip hop lifestyle.....sir i believe that was just an issue of self controll, or peer presure......but newayz needless to say i agree with my dude nels every one has their own way to trott... and own beliefs so do u
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