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AGGIE HOUSING! Posted on 06-05-2004

WEll i just got my housing assignment today and i thought hmmmm let me post a topic and see who else got ders????
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replied on 06-11-2004 08:31PM [Reply]
Well u didn't see me!!!! Naww I'm just playing how could u in a crown of about 1200? Anyway i was just there and everything. It was str8 I must say but there really wasn't that much to do. I thought yall would have a step show and all that good stuff but yall didn't. Yall maybe waiting for the first week of school in the freshmans get there or something. But hey who cares??? lol just playing well I will holla at you and I really can say now.... AGGIE PRIDE!!!!1
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In Rod We Trust replied on 06-11-2004 09:04PM [Reply]
BabyGirl_OES_Aggie wrote:
Awwww... well lemme share.... Pride Hall is brand new and EVERYONE is trying to get in there. Not one has been inside yet cuz they just finished it. I think we might be able to do a walk-through during orientations. (which remindes me... i have a tour to do in an hour....) The suites... LORD.. i stayed there both my freshman and sophomore years. Its cool and everything with the co-ed so u don't have to look at girls or guys all the time, but they changed the rules up since the school owns them now so yall might have an interesting time. PERSONALLY... its not worth the truck load of money they ask for to stay there. But u'll see for urself. **I'm working the orientations... I'll keep an eye out for yall to see if i recognize and hbcu-central new aggie faces! GOOD LUCK!**
WTF!?!?! Kris........... I dunno wut U been drinkin......... But Pride hall IS NOT FINISHED!!!! prolly wont be done til tha day of move in......... :roll:
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