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Morehouse Admission Posted on 07-08-2007

southfield, MI
Hey If iss anybody that attends Morehouse I wanted to know what i need to be accepted into Morehouse. I wanted to know as far as GPA, Test Scores, Extracurriculars, etc. _________________________________________________________________ Future Man Of Morehouse
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2Dolce4Gabbana replied on 07-08-2007 01:49PM [Reply]
Well the website says.... A student's secondary school preparation should include four (4) units in English, (3) units in Mathematics, two (2) units in Natural Sciences, and two (2) units in Social Sciences. Two (2) units of Foreign Language are also recommended to be included in preparation for entering students. Additional study should be pursued in academic subjects according to individual interests. Students who present strong academic records with a "B" or better average (85 or better on 100 point scale) and test scores of at least 1000 on the SAT or 22 on the ACT have the best chance for admission to Morehouse. HOWEVER!!! Dont aim to do the minimum... like any other school, they want stundets with High GPAs, High Test Scores, and you MUST show them your involved in extra cirriculars... of course there are exceptions, but im sure no one want to be uncertain about whether or not they have what it takes to get in... But one thing that the majority of schools really focus on is your ESSAY, that can make or break an applicant... make sure it shows your personality and it comes from the heart. You have to advertise yourself and show the school why they should accept you... and what you plan to do with your life.
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