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Villain Posted on 07-10-2007

Im just trying to keep my head above the water/ A trifling baby mama and drama just make it harder/ I got a baby daughter, I pray that she keep her guard up/ She cry every night when me and her mama argue/ I wipe away her tears, Baby J dont have no fears/ Things gone be alright cuz ya daddy right here/ And Im, so hurt inside cuz I just told her a lie/ The future is not clear, I might not be here/ Baby mama want me to go, then she want me to stay/ Claim she trust me but dont believe what I say/ Smellin me when she hug me, If she even hug me/ She barely even speak, how can she say she love me?/ How can these thangs be lovely/ These thangs seem so ****/ But she still nudge me every night saying "f*ck me"/ And now I dont want to touch her, cuz now I dont trust her/ And we stuck in this cycle/ Why do we have to suffer?/ Its all about my past, I was a snake in the grass/ But that was years ago, I changed fast/ Now my mind is only on my family and cash/ But it seems my family isnt built to last./ Happiness, is that something I was meant to have?/ When I meet God eventually I'll have to ask/ But until then/ Ima let this pen bleed my feelings/ Smoke a blunt, lean back , stack cash to the ceiling/ For my daughter and my future children/ God willing/ Until then I guess I'll be the f*cking villain/ ~Esto~
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