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Divine 9 in NYC Posted on 07-25-2007

Hey Greek peeps There are not alot of the black greek Sorority and Fraternities here in the city recruiting. Do any of the greeks in this forum know where black greeks have their meetings/recuiting meetings? I would love to see more greek fam here in nyc.
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C Nels replied on 07-25-2007 06:58AM [Reply]
You'll have to get in contact with a member of the respective organization you want to join and inquire when they will be having an Informational Meeting. I don't think you'll find a BGLO 'recruiting' meeting anywhere. I remember you saying that you left Hampton to return home in another thread, are you a student at another university or did you receive your degree already?
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theTRUTH replied on 07-25-2007 05:58PM [Reply]
Trying to find Greeks in NYC is like tryin to find a needle in a haystack. They do have parties, though. But you have to be "in the know"
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Blutifully Human replied on 07-26-2007 01:18PM [Reply]
Members of BGLOs don't really "recruit" per se. Interests usually seek out membership, not the other way around...but of course there are always exceptions. There are definately Greeks in NY tho. Most orgs have active chapters in just about every region. You just have to seek them out. It isn't like college where you are going to see people walking around in nalia all day. Your best bet would probably be to do a lil research online and go to the websites of the organization(s) that you are interested in. Most have a directory of some sort of chapter listings. I'm sure you'll notice some info pertaining to some in your area
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