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Physical vs. Emotional Attraction Posted on 08-24-2007
Laguana Hills, CA
Which do you think is the strongest? Which one would you prefer over the other one and why? You can't choose both. You have to give an explanation of which one you would choose and why. Men can answer this question too. I will start by saying that I would choose Emotional attraction. I have actually dated attractive men in the past that have been foul individuals. Also, I've dated some average looking men that have been foul. So basically I do not choose a man based on looks. I would say that I'm attracted to someone who treats me like the queen that I am!
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t2dakwont replied on 02-04-2008 10:48PM [Reply]
yeah looks do go out the window if ur a **** but what im sayin is that there has to be some level of attraction even if its one tenth of a percent of attraction...its there. cuz with what ur sayin that would mean that i would be fallin in love/becoming attracted to every person i met whose personality i really liked. its the physical attraction that attracts u but once that fades its up to personality to keep u there
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