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She likes the way... Posted on 08-27-2007
The First

...I use my tongue.... ...I mean how my words come together Whether it's her favorite song Or my own lines I'm speaking She's seekin' this feeling I'm givin' Reelin' from the pleasure escapin' through my lips Causing the temperature to rise between her hips Eyes like slits as she sits trembling As if every syllable ripples through her.... Muscles start to spasm from this oratory **** Stimulation of a mental kind You hang on every letter **** for the mind Sensation seems all the better Wetter, than any touch could make her Each line takes her higher Increasing her desire The fire comin' off her Threatenin to consume all Falling prey to her growing satisfaction Ready to turn my words into actions Way past asking she's down for taking This poetic love I'm making Slaking this thirst that she can't deny...
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AfroPoeticSista replied on 10-04-2007 03:33PM [Reply]
thats' whats up!
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