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CLASS OF "03" Posted on 01-23-2003

I just wanted to give a holla for all of the seniors! Ya'll this is our year and our time to shine. Time is ticking away...high school will be over. Our challenge of college is coming. I AM READY FOR THAT CHALLENGE!!!! For any of the FUTURE AGGIES HOLLA BACK. :lol:
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In Rod We Trust replied on 02-12-2003 02:07PM [Reply]
03!!!! oh yea AGGIE PRIDE
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replied on 02-13-2003 10:18PM [Reply]
no matter what other people say, this is MY motto for facing college challenges: :!: :!: :!: "LET'S GET IT!! :!: :!: :!:
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In Rod We Trust replied on 02-14-2003 10:04AM [Reply]
I am going to college because I don't like my mothers boyfriend plus I want to major in dance and law and this is the best place to go for these majors.
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In Rod We Trust replied on 02-14-2003 10:18AM [Reply]
I graduate May 24th @ 10:00 AM I hope I don't miss it by waking up late.
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replied on 02-14-2003 10:35AM [Reply]
I graduate May 28, 2003 at 4:30 p.m., after that I will be headed to MOREHOUSE COLLEGE.
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In Rod We Trust replied on 02-19-2003 01:33PM [Reply]
My graduation is May 18th!!! 03 to tha fullest. Much love to all mah future AGGIES!!!! You KNOW!
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In Rod We Trust replied on 02-19-2003 06:26PM [Reply]
Was Crackn C/O of 03 tha best and final class that will ever be on and poppn! I just signed on this site not to long ago so I am extremely new but I had to give a shout out to all of my Cali Katz continue to do tha damn thang and wutevrr u decide to do, do it ur best and represent C/O 03 and on rthat note im out!!!!
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Poetic from Nanjemoy, MD replied on 03-02-2003 08:10PM [Reply]
Anonymous wrote:
My graduation is June 6!! after that, I am on to bigger and better things, above all, Howard University!!
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replied on 03-20-2003 03:51PM [Reply]
I graduate on June 2nd but all the Seniors are out of school after finals, which is May 23. I am so happy, the time to get out is long overdue. I will be going to Xavier University - Louisiana.
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replied on 03-20-2003 08:58PM [Reply]
I graduate June 18th...WHOO WHOO then I am headed to that very real HU..HOWARD UNIVERSITY!!!
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