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Camaro love: Welburn gives big hug to beloved car Posted on 10-17-2007

Lebanon, PA
Last week, GM's Bob Lutz reported on the automaker's Fast Lane blog about his latest trip to the land Down Under, where development work on the 2009 Chevrolet Camaro is taking place. Predictibly, Lutz loved the... More...
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NeoSoulBrotha from Rosedale, MD replied on 10-17-2007 02:47PM [Reply]

The '09 Camaro is hot! It's about time GM got this one right. When Ford started the retro-muscle car buzz with the new Mustang and Dodge responded with the Charger, GM shuffled into the mix with their disappointing GTO. Despite the decent performance specs, the lackluster design was about as exciting as an old Grand Prix. Add a $35k price tag to scare off buyers, and you got... well... the new GTO. Not a great testimony to the original, which was legendary. This time, it looks like Detroit learned its lesson. Bold styling cues and an available 400hp 6.0 V8 make a winner.
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