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NEW HOWARD FORUM CREATED Posted on 06-10-2004

If you are going to the mecca this fall or are a current student, give me your name in this post, and ill hook ya up to come in
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HU_Intellect replied on 06-18-2004 04:42PM [Reply]
Dang we oh so deep!! HU representin :lol:
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Afro-American replied on 06-18-2004 08:42PM [Reply]
sorry it took so long, i forgot i made this post in the prospects spot lol...anyways bout to add ya in a quick minute, by the time ya read this yall should be in...WE TOO DEEP UP IN THIS BIOTCH!! :lol:
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LuvKisselle replied on 06-21-2004 08:35PM [Reply]
Can you add my name to the list please? LuvKisselle Thanks
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Nicole315 replied on 06-22-2004 01:45PM [Reply]
add me too, please. Nicole315
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BisonMami replied on 06-22-2004 04:46PM [Reply]
It's hella bison in here. We too deep fa real
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Afro-American replied on 06-23-2004 06:47PM [Reply]
yall added
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replied on 06-24-2004 07:41PM [Reply]
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Snoop_Doop from Orlando, FL replied on 06-25-2004 07:48PM [Reply]

<---- Reppin HU class of '08!! Add me please!!
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Afro-American replied on 06-26-2004 01:58PM [Reply]
lol yall added...the forum getting hella too thick...we are the biggest HBCU closed forum on this joint *cough cough* :lol: now who's the real HU, WHAT! :wink:
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Snoop_Doop from Orlando, FL replied on 06-26-2004 02:44PM [Reply]

Good looking out!~~
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