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Honors College Posted on 02-18-2008
Jamestown, NC
Hey Guys, I have been accepted into HU, and I was wondering if I would benefit from enrolling into the Honors program offered. What are some of the benefits and some of the downfalls involved with the program?
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BisonBoy from norfolk, VA replied on 03-05-2008 07:12AM [Reply]

Yea, i was kinda wonderin that 2... and will my scholarship amount increase?
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YoungPhenom4TheFuture replied on 05-08-2008 05:29PM [Reply]
No, your scholarship will not increase. Honors College is a program that is supposed to go above and beyond what HU's gen-ed program does--Give you an "Education for LIfe". If you're interested in Honors college, they'll let you know during NSO week to enroll in Honors University 101, and that will give you a "taste" of what will be expected of you in Honors college. You apply for honors college when you first come back from winter break and you have an interview and all that good stuff. You have to participate in seminars and various honors college activities. As far as perks go, you get first choice in housing (very important!! White hall, Dubois, and Holmes pretty much get filled b/c of Honors college and Leadership Institue). I think you might get parking decals easier as a sophmore also if you're involved in Honors college. I chose not to go into honors college after taking UNV101H because I'm a Pharmacy Major, Leadership Minor--boo! I don't have time for all that, plus Leadership fellows get all the same perks so there was no need...but if my schedule wasn't so jam packed I would have deff did it.
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Hamptoncutie15 from Mission Viejo, CA replied on 06-11-2008 03:08AM [Reply]

I'm in honors college and I think that it is a complete waste of time...the only good thing about honors college is priority in housing, as well as free transcripts. Also Dr. Davy is a good mentor. I'm a nursing major and I really don't have time to take extra classes and then do extra projects for some classes... It does have his plus sides though, if you apply when your a freshman and started taking honors classes when you entered Hampton.
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