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Black History in Action Posted on 02-21-2008

The viability of my character in the manner I present myself to others is a catalyst in changing people's mind on how they perceive an african descent person to be. I devote myself to only be sastified with the best i can give and no less in every way of life. Academically, I work very hard in order to set the standard of how high my race can reach . I speak in an educated manner in order to receive the respect I deserve and not to be a factor of the reason why others belittle my race. I dress decently to show the world that an African descent woman does have respect for her body just as any other woman of a different race. I show respect to others no matter what their race, gender and age in order to get it back and show that a black person does have respect for others. I don't blame others for my misfortunes since it's easier to do so instead I look what may have caused it and change that. I study my history to know where I came from so I can get to where I am going and being able to understand the obstacles I may face in my journey to success is nothing compared to what people before me endure in order for me to be where I am today. My motto is " If they did , so can I". If i'm treated unfairly, I don't blame it on my race instead I better my character. In the fall of 2008 I am bound to enroll in a four-year college and study psychology. The reason why I am so passionate about this profession is the fact taht I want to use my knowledge acquired from my study to better understand the mind of my people and show them how to steps to better their lives. Yes, it is hard and I know it will get harder but i don't think there is an obstacle big enough to stop me from getting educated even if I have to use books from the library to do so. By learning about history of my ancestors and see the grounds that Blacks are breaking as well history they are making push me to the limit, make me want to work harder so I can as well make my contributions to my race history. The misery and hardships they went trough make me want to go far in life in order to fulfill what they were trying to achieve that is pave the way for us so we can have a brighter future . Instead of getting mad I educate myself harder . Our history is proof that no matter how hard they push us to the side or try to keep us down,we will rise. They might cut the leaves from our tree but will never be able to destroy our roots because they are enormous and strong and will keep producing . My ancestors endure everything because they were working for a day like this, a day where I could read ,write and learn just without fear of being caught and put to punishment.They gave up their lives for my freedom , it's my turn to use that freedom be the change they wanted in the world and make sure history doesn't repeat itself. As well as black historymakers in our days, we can learn from them how they didn't let the tought that people were going to treat them bad because of their race from keeping them to try new things. If they have let their fears conquer them , we wouldn't have such a vibrant history. they were aware of all prejudices in the world but didn't let it stop them from doing what they were passionate about. If those people whom were treated so badly and still fought for us to be where we are today then it would be a lame excuse to use our race as an excuse to stay at the bottom. If a young person doesn't know about their past they can't really understand how big of history is being made today.The educational system of the districts need to make rules to make sure the young ones read and know about their ancestors. First and foremost the young people today need to go to school and be educated about things that took place not so long ago and realize even the fact that they are free to learn without being harassed because some people chose to die in order to make it possible that is history itself, the fact they have the privilege to vote and discuss issues in a classroom with other students that look and speak differently that is history . Bring successful black professionals in and have a little talk with them. It's not only about the famous historymakers, there are many others blacks that went trough difficult times but still went on and now have a better life and they are giving back to the black community and contribute part of what they make in many different ways. The fact that we have a black president so close to the presidency is history, ten years ago it would be hard to believe it would happen. They need to be taught how Blacks were mistreated and left in the corner for many centuries and they are back and are stronger than ever and are taking back what they took away from them, their power , their drive to succeed, their right to be free and hold any job as any other person, their self-esteem, their right to be happy, their right to be treated equal as the other person, their right to have a say in the government that make laws for them, their right to go wherever they please and the right to be Kings and Queens of their kingdoms. Another step that could hepl young people to better understand their history is to take trips to museums and places where Blacks made history. They would get a chance to put themselves in these people's shoes, feel and see how difficult it was for them. Those trips would serve as primary source for them into realizing what a long way we came from , not to ever look back but keep on going and how much of a big deal it is now to do so many things that we do. As well schools can bring in college students to talk with them and they can see that more black students are enrolling in college and claiming their power by getting educated. As we can see we came a long way from the days where there were certain things we were limited to do, history is changing with a stronger vibe more than ever, from now all we can do is see what the future brings for the African community because the present has already proved how far we can climb, we can reach beyond what is expected of us.
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Home > Forums > Interest Groups > HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns > Scholarship Opportunities
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