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Morehouse Dorms Posted on 02-27-2008
Morrow, GA
Which freshmen dorm is best and why? I`ve been hearing alot about Brazeal and graves being the best..is this true?
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DJ Shawdi B replied on 03-02-2008 09:37AM [Reply]
I co-sign that, I took a tour recently at morehouse an some of the folks was like Brazeal hall was better but our tour guide was from DuBois hall i think an said their rooms were 14X14 while brazeal was 12X12. But a lot of ppl said brazeal tho.
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Young_FRESH replied on 03-16-2008 12:43AM [Reply]
brazeal is the newest dorm and rooms are usually bigger...than other dorms...brazeal goes hard and we got tha best resident director...graves rooms are kinda hit and miss...big and small rooms...its got history...
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Man of Morehouse from Philadelphia, PA replied on 04-01-2008 08:30PM [Reply]

I was about to ask the same question... any other opinions on the best residence hall...
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ManofMorehouse2010 replied on 07-03-2008 12:10AM [Reply]
I stayed in Graves my freshman yr but all of my best friends stayed in Brazeal so I had the best of both worlds b/c I was in Brazeal everyday. Brazeal is a hype dorm but its good to stay in Graves when you need to study and/or sleep (most the time). Was an RA there last school yr and it was a little crazier than my freshman yr, but still low key, so there is my take on it. Dont know much about the quad dorms except that Hubert is really low key, White has alot of the freshman athletes, and Dubois is fun, at least it was my year.
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