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Is It Okay To Ask..... Posted on 02-28-2008

If you are familiar with some of the individuals in the particular frat/soror that you are interested in, and you are wondering when and if they will hold a spring informational anytime soon, should you outright ask? Or wait until you see flyers?
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smc112 replied on 04-11-2008 06:25PM [Reply]
AFROmentality wrote:
awww I'm so . I guess I either missed this intake, or they dont have a line. Either way I'm getting my myself together so that I will be a prime canidate next year. I think waiting and getting a little more community service under my belt as well as a stronger recommendation letter would prove more advantageous. Thank you guys for all your help and yes i am a SHE.
I thought you were a girl, but I wasn't for sure! LOL The reason I knew was because you worded things like a woman. Women talk different from men.
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AFROmentality replied on 04-14-2008 03:11PM [Reply]
I just want to thank you guys for all your help, I have come to the conclusion that that XYZ organization is not having a spring line, but I'm putting in work for next semester. look forward to giving a testimony somtime next school year.
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