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Am i the only Hilary Supporter? Posted on 03-05-2008

does anyone other than me support Hilary? I'm just curious.
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iRep504 replied on 03-07-2008 01:36PM [Reply]
SuperFly wrote:
Please, Sir Bone from the Neck... Enlighten us as to why you think this woman is the better candidate, and even good enough to go so far as to become the President of the United States. And for the love of all that is holy... Please, PLEASE don't use "experience in the White House".
LOL Right...Since when is First Lady White House experience... When everyone was begging for Hilary to run years ago you couldn't pay her to do it... now all of sudden she is gun-ho....it's comical..
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mthomas from Milwaukee, WI replied on 03-07-2008 02:13PM [Reply]

Good question, Superfly! Being the First Lady does NOT qualify anyone to be the President. She has yet to specifically state her accomplishments that could remotely count as relevant experience. Just saying you're qualified does NOT mean that you are. Furthermore, to say you'll be ready on day one is a tall order and setting yourself up to fail. We didn't get into the mess we're in overnight. It took 8 yrs for this mess to happen. So, it's going to take at least the first 100 days to try to make some sense of the mess we have. Furthermore, nobody should honestly expect anyone to be able to do a lot in the first term. It's going to take 2 terms for anyone to begin straightening the mess we have.
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Phylicia215 replied on 03-07-2008 04:24PM [Reply]
but dont you think the same rednecks that wont vote for a women wont vote for a black guy. Im not a Barack Obama hater at all, i believe either of them would be a much better president than Mccain, however; Hilary clinton is the better candidate of the two.
The people who we consider "rednecks" are most likely Republicans anyway and wouldnt vote for Obama or Hillary if they were white men either. I dont think it will come down to the "rednecks" or the people who arent ready for a black person to be the leader of the country, I think its gonna come down to the delegates and the popular vote and Barack is winnig those two. Furthermore, I just dont see what makes Hilary the "It" canidate and I wonder would people still be saying that if she wasn't Bill Clinton's wife?
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smc112 from Laguana Hills, CA replied on 03-07-2008 08:52PM [Reply]
Let's take a closer look at who's really qualified and or who's really working for the good of all of us in the Senate. Obama or Clinton. Records of these two candidates should be scrutinized in order to make an informed decision. Senator Clinton, who has served only one full term - 6 yrs. - and another year campaigning, has managed to author and pass into law - 20 - twenty pieces of legislation in her first six years. These bills can be found on the website of the Library of Congress but to save you trouble, I'll post them here for you. 1. Establish the Kate Mullany National Historic Site. 2. Support the goals and ideals of Better Hearing and Speech Month. 3. Recognize the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. 4. Name courthouse after Thurgood Marshall. 5. Name courthouse after James L. Watson. 6. Name post office after Jonn A. O'Shea. 7. Designate Aug. 7, 2003, as National Purple Heart Recognition Day. 8. Support the goals and ideals of National Purple Heart Recognition Day. 9. Honor the life and legacy of Alexander Hamilton on the bicentennial of his death. 10. Congratulate the Syracuse Univ. Orange Men's Lacrosse Team on winning the championship. 11. Congratulate the Le Moyne College Dolphins Men's Lacrosse Team on winning the championship. 12. Establish the 225th Anniversary of the American Revolution Commemorative Program. 13. Name post office after Sergeant Riayan A. Tejeda. 14. Honor Shirley Chisholm for her service to the nation and express condolences on her death. 15. Honor John J. Downing, Brian Fahey, and Harry Ford, firefighters who lost their lives on duty. Only five of Clinton's bills are, more substantive. 16. Extend period of unemployment assistance to victims of 9/11. 17. Pay for city projects in response to 9/11 18. Assist landmine victims in other countries. 19. Assist family caregivers in accessing affordable respite care. 20. Designate part of the National Forest System in Puerto Rico as protected in the wilderness preservation system. There you have it, the fact's straight from the Senate Record. Now, I would post those of Senator Obama's, but the list is too substantive, so I'll mainly categorize. Senator Obama - During the first - 8 - eight years of his elected service he sponsored over 820 bills. He introduced: 233 regarding healthcare reform, 125 on poverty and public assistance, 112 crime fighting bills, 97 economic bills, 60 human rights and anti-discrimination bills, 21 ethics reform bills, 15 gun control, 6 veterans affairs and many others. His first year in the U.S. Senate, he authored 152 bills and co-sponsored another 427. These included **the Coburn-Obama Government Transparency Act of 2006 - became law, **The Lugar-Obama Nuclear Non-proliferation and Conventional Weapons Threat Reduction Act, - became law, **The Comprehensive **** Reform Act, passed the Senate, **The 2007 Government Ethics Bill, - became law, **The Protection Against Excessive Executive Compensation Bill, In committee, and many more. In all, since entering the U.S. Senate, Senator Obama has written 890 bills and co-sponsored another 1096. An impressive record, for someone who supposedly has no record according to some who would prefer that this comparison not be made public. He's not just a talker. He's a doer.
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BisonBoy from norfolk, VA replied on 03-08-2008 01:13PM [Reply]

^^^ Kudo's bro... You should look into lobbying or working on a PAC, i think you'd be an asset to some campaigns... just a thought.
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mthomas from Milwaukee, WI replied on 03-08-2008 02:03PM [Reply]

Bravo SMC112! Now to add a little sarcasm to it, I think Sen. Clinton is including her years as First Lady as part of her experience. However, take a look at this interesting read regarding her "foreign policy" experience: Clinton's foreign policy record examined - Yahoo! News
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