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Bun B On Lil' Wayne's Drug Addiction, "It's Not For Me 2 Dictate Posted on 03-10-2008

No Sleep Promotions
Da Cross, GA
In the wake of **** C's death, all eyes have been on his partner in rhyme Bun B to address hip-hop's sizzurp problem. In this SOHH Exclusive the rap legend talks about removing syrup lyrics from his sophomore solo album, II Trill, and why he thinks everyone should just leave Lil' Wayne alone. In December, Bun B lost his best friend and fellow UGK rapper, **** C, to complications from sleep apnea as well as an accidental **** of prescription-strength codeine, which is the main ingredient in the popular illegal beverage, "sizzurp." Though he says he had already stopped sippin' sizzurp prior to ****'s passing, for "personal reasons," references to the drink still popped up in Bun B's lyrics. He decided to remove them from the album. "I had had a verse on this album about sizzurp and just all things considered with my personal situation; I thought it would've been in poor taste for me to do a song talking about drinking syrup but that's just me," Bun B told SOHH exclusively. Though the Houston based rapper refrained from making references to the illegal beverage himself, he didn't put that restriction on the other artists featured on II Trill. "I think there is probably one reference and that would be from Lil' Wayne," he says of the New Orleans born rapper with well-publicized syrup problem. "It's not for me to dictate what Lil' Wayne does with his life or with his lyrics," he explains. "If I didn't want him to speak on that then, I wouldn't have asked him to be on the album." Bun B thinks that the media attention that Wayne's syrup addiction is getting is unfair. "There's a lot people that have vices in this world. Wayne just happens to have that syrup cup, the Styrofoam cup that you can see all the time," he says. "But everybody has that proverbial white Styrofoam cup and if we all had to walk around with our flaws in our hands day for day then we'd probably be getting looked at crazy too." "If Wayne chooses to stop at some point that'll be Wayne's decision," he continued. "I don't think the press or the media is going to have influence on that and actually I think it's almost detrimental to bring so much attention to it. [That's] the last thing people want when they're doing something that they may not be proud about." In related news, Bun B has partnered with Microsoft Zune for a national promotional tour to promote his forthcoming album. Along with Lil' Wayne and the late **** C, II Trill features appearances by Lupe Fiasco, 8Ball and MJG, David Banner, Rick Ross, Z-Ro, Mya, Mike Jones, Junior Reid, Webbie, and Chamillionaire. Producers include Scott Storch, Jazze Pha, Clinton Sparks and JR Rotem, among others. Bun B's II Trill to hit stores on April 29 via Rap-A-Lot/Asylum Records. [For more on your favorite Southern rappers peep SOHH Dirty] http://www.sohh.com/articles/article.php/14034
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