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"African American & Hispanic Unity" Essay Submission Posted on 03-18-2008

African Americans and Hispanics have already gained the title of the largest cultural community. They are not the minority any longer. The growth and assimilation of Hispanics in the United States means that there will have to be many changes politically, culturally, with communication and with community issues. It is very important that the nation be ready and willing to work together to address these issues. It is especially important for minorities to work together to promote positive politics, a positive view of the differences in cultures, and positive communication and community issues. Hispanics have been migrating to the United States, be it legally or illegally. The only fact is that the nation has to accommodate the new citizens and visitors. It would be particularly in the favor of African Americans to unite with the Hispanics in order to lie to bed the misconceptions held by many people about the habits of minorities. African Americans, though they have been citizens of the United States of America for centuries, need to come together for a political purpose. There have been many advances politically as far as having minority representation in high-powered offices. A perfect example of such representation for not just African Americans or minorities, but for everyone, is Barack Obama. Barack Obama, the 47-year-old, Junior Senator from Illinois has been behind the scenes for many years now. He has been named one of “The World’s Most Influential People” by TIME magazine and rightly so. Under him, African Americans, Hispanics, and all Americans alike can unite under his powerful umbrella to brave the storms of discrimination, indignation, and judgment only to wait out that storm for brighter days. Although there are no Hispanics in the Senate, there are a number of Hispanics holding office in Congress. It is not impossible to unite these two cultures for the greater good. Many misconceived stereotypes of African Americans and Hispanics have been around for years and years. It is time to refute those false impressions. The two cultures can come together to demonstrate to the world that every African American or Hispanic driving an expensive car did not just steal it. It is past time to demonstrate to the world that every African American or Hispanic that is running along the street is not running from just having robbed a store. It is time to stop these injustices. Racial profiling is not the fault of the accused. It is the fault of the accuser. It is what they perceive and their perception becomes their reality. The actual reality is that man driving a Lexus GS350 is a successful business man on his way to pick up his daughter from a private school. The actual reality is that man running briskly down “dangerous” streets is simply engaging in his daily exercise routine. Altering this perceived reality is past due. African Americans and Hispanics can and must come together by demonstrating their dedication to their community, each other, and outside matters. It is sometimes true that what you see is what you get, but not when it comes to a human being. It is important to remember not to judge a book by its cover and look past baggy jeans, large coats, or doo rags. Just because it is not what you wear, does not mean that it is impossible to get along with that person. African Americans and Hispanics from all walks of life can also get behind an issue together. An issue that affects both cultures like education is a pressing matter. In many cities, local governments are attempting to re-segregate school districts and then smudge and rewrite district lines so that minorities can no longer be provided the necessary transportation to school every day. In the Washington, DC schools, many district lines have already been redrawn in efforts to accomplish the aforementioned. The schools that the minorities then have to attend have a far below par education facility to sit, eat, learn, and play in. Books in those buildings are decades old and so are the desks upon which they lay. There is nonexistent grout in corners and in walls all along the corridors. Insects then make a home somewhere in a kindergarten class right where those children eat their snack and lunch. The sewage and water systems are below par as well. Only certain toilets actually flush and only a handful of stalls close and properly lock. Many have said that the minorities wanted for there to be more of a separation between students. Why would that ever be desired? Every parent wants the very best education for their child and in these poorly funded districts; teachers are not very encouraged to do all in their power to teach the children and teens. The teachers in those areas are not sufficiently compensated for one of the most important jobs in this world. Teaching generations to come is a very important role and the people who take years to gain their Masters in Education should be rewarded accordingly. This is especially ironic when a man that has not even graduated high school is making slam dunks on television and is getting paid $1.8 million per game has a ridiculously higher salary than those teachers. The minorities, the African Americans, and the Hispanics need to team up against these injustices and show that they care what school their child attends. Education is highly valued in the African American and Hispanic communities. Petitions to government officials will help to ensure that no child is gypped because district lines were whimsically redrawn to “benefit” the majority. There are too many issues in the communities of the United States of America. The backbone, the minorities, of this nation need to be heard and need to unite to overcome the everyday injustices, the everyday lack of communication, and the everyday hardship. It is not an impossible task. It is a necessary task. African Americans and Hispanics are capable of changing the world and they will not do it alone. It will take some time, but the entirety of the nation and maybe even the world will someday see that cultures can unite despite their differences for the greater good and wellbeing of the largest majority culture of the world, human beings.
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