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Lil' Wayne Won't Put Down The Lean, "I Pour It Up For Pimp C" Posted on 03-19-2008

No Sleep Promotions
Da Cross, GA
Just months after rapper Pimp C's shocking death in a hotel room due to sleep apnea complications and an accidental codeine overdose, the self-proclaimed greatest rapper alive, Lil' Wayne, refuses to put his cup of codeine-laced drink down. "I can step out here right now and my bus can flip over so I ain't worrying about health risks and all that," Wayne told Westwood Radio recently. The rapper has made no bones about the contents of the cup he's always seen carrying around. It's a mixture of soda and/or alcohol and prescription-strength codeine, which is the main ingredient in the popular illegal beverage, "sizzurp." "I pour it up for Pimp C, I pour it up for Bun B, I pour it up for young me, ya dig?" [Watch here] (Click on link at end of note to watch).. As SOHH previously reported, but Bun B had already layed off the syrup himself, and after losing his friend and UGK group mate to the popular prescription-strength codeine concoction, he's even erased it from his lyrics. "I had had a verse on this album (II Trill) about sizzurp and just all things considered with my personal situation; I thought it would've been in poor taste for me to do a song talking about drinking syrup but that's just me," Bun B told SOHH. He also noted that neither he, nor anyone else, can make Wayne stop drugging. "If Wayne chooses to stop at some point that'll be Wayne's decision," Bun said. Bun B couldn't even tell the Young Money Millionaire to put the cup down. "If [Pimp C] was here he'd probably tell me don't, and [to] stop, but I mean ... Rest in peace Pimp C," Wayne said. "I am an Underground King, sorry." And if the syrup does take him out? "Just honor me like they honor him [Pimp] and that'll be great enough for me, especially peace to Pimp," he said refilling his cup. "I'm pourin' up right now for you, homie. I promise I am." [For more on the southern rap scene peep SOHH Dirty] http://www.sohh.com/articles/article.php/14188
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