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Better HBCUs Posted on 04-07-2008

Hey I just got accepted to Spelman, Hampton, and Howard. I am very excited! The only problem is that I have to tell my parents which school I want to go to before May 1st. I have never visited the schools myself because I live in China right now, and for the holidays we just had I couldn't go to America because I was in South Africa and Japan. So, I guess I am relying on you guys to tell me how it is. I'm going to give youu some background info of me, so that you could get a feel of what I might like. I come from South Africa, and I have lived in Australia, Washington D.C, S.A and China. I have been attending private schools which are predominately white my whole life. That's why I wanted to go to an HBCU, and I want to learn more about their culture. I do have a lot o black friends though, most of my friends are black, and I wouldn't consider myself, "pressy" or anything. I speak properly I guess, but that's just because all South Africans who grew up in the suburbs do. I am looking at taking Business, and might go into pre law. I have a 3.83 gpa. How's the locations of these schools? The dorms? The social life? (I like to party, but school is more important). Oh, I heard from some people I know, (sorry if this sounds ignorant, but I am just repeating what I heard). I heard that most people will be hostile toward me because I am African. Is this true? Any extra info would be great! thank you
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Bubblicious replied on 04-07-2008 11:43PM [Reply]
Hey! I plan on attending Spelman as a freshman this year and I visited the campus for spring break and loved it. Itís a very small and quaint campus, but its in the AUC so thereí s two other schools in close proximity and thereís this road called the Strip where all three campus hangout and party. Spelman is like 2 minutes away from downtown Atlanta and itís somewhat in the hood, but I donít think itís as bad as Howard. Anyway, my tour guide was telling me that they have some pretty tight parties on campus, but of course the best ones are off campus! Iím in the same boat as you with going to predominantly white schools. If talking white is talking proper then thatís how I talk, but I didnít want to go to an HBCU that, you know, most of the students would look at you as being prissy and apparently not ďblackĒ, so when I was at Spelman most of the girls just talk proper and no one looks down on you for that. I too was accepted to Howard, and although I didnít visit Howardís campus, I felt that Spelman would give me a nurturing, drama-free learning environment. So this is just my bias, but Spelman seems to be a pretty tight school, so you should go thereÖand donít forget Morehouse is just a parking lot away! lol
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amo_n from NYC, NY replied on 04-08-2008 12:05AM [Reply]

Thank you. Ohya, how are the sports at these schools?
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brittanyr908 from Wilmington, DE replied on 04-08-2008 10:03AM [Reply]
They are okay with sports, Spelman is not up there but it also matters what sport you are playing. Howard is okay and Hampton is okay.
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TSUblueTiger replied on 04-08-2008 10:13AM [Reply]
I think all of your choices are excellent. I would choose the university that gives you the best scholarship. As far as hostility, I think majority of the people will be nice and respectful toward you. Actually, I have several friends from Africa (Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, etc.). To get a better feel for attractions and events in Atlanta, D. C., and Hampton, check out the links below. Good Luck! Atlanta Travel Guide - Atlanta, Georgia Attractions, Dining, Events, Packages & More HCVB: Hampton Roads Convention & Visitors Bureau Washington.org - Official Tourism Site of Washington, DC
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hb412 from Beautiful, OH replied on 04-08-2008 05:26PM [Reply]

I'm looking at Howard and Spelman right now too. Even though I got a scholarship to Howard, I'm leaning toward Spelman. Spelman is strong in economics and they just received 10 million dollars from Lehman brothers to create a center for global finance and economic development. You definitely don't have to worry about "talking white" at Spelman. In my opinion, Sports are pretty weak at all three schools. You should definitely read up on each school and make the right decision for you! Good luck!
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MiA_theGREAT from Hustletown, TX replied on 04-08-2008 07:30PM [Reply]

AH! definitely definitely make sure you see the campus before you enroll..even if you just drive by. some schools (ahem, TSU) are near unpleasant neighborhoods, or may be in the middle of nowhere. depending on your preference, either one could result in a miserable experience for you. spelman has a really nice campus, but its also pretty urban. not as private as I would have hoped.. but really at the end of the day, pick the best school for your major. a degree is a degree is a degree, but as far as business is concerned.. i'd say howard definitely. as far as communications/political/law type internships go, they got you!
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