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Is attending Spelman College worth the debt? Posted on 04-08-2008
Richmond, VA
Honestly I don't have a lot of money. My EFC is about $3500 so I cannot afford to pay $33,726 a year to attend Spelman College. Depending on how much I earn from my summer job and church, I will only end up with about $3500 to contribute because my family has bills. I plan on majoring in psy. or psy./pre-med. My other options are the University of Virginia, James Madison University, Virginia Tech, Mary Baldwin College, Randolph - Macon College and the University of Richmond. My top choices are Spelman, UVA, and U of Richmond.
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Arie from Richmond, VA replied on 04-08-2008 08:28PM [Reply]
I forgot to mention that all of the other schools offer more finacial aid (fewer loans than Spelman), but Spelman is my number one choice, but I want to make sure that the internships are there and that I will pay the debt before I die (seriously).
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hb412 from Beautiful, OH replied on 04-08-2008 08:40PM [Reply]

If money is a serious issue, I would probably go to UVA. Both schools are great at preparing their students for graduate school. Since Spelman is your first choice, you should definitely hound their financial aid department. They haven't sent out merit scholarships yet, so you might be one of the lucky few to get one. I hope everything works out for the best!
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TSUblueTiger replied on 04-09-2008 12:17PM [Reply]
Personally, I recommend attending an HBCU, academically and socially. If Spleman is your dream college, you should follow your heart. The friendships and relationships established during college can’t be equated monetarily. Therefore, you should attend a university that you enjoy inside and outside the classroom. If you can’t attend Spelman, the University of Virginia is well known in corporate America. Therefore, I would probably go with them as my second choice. Before you make a final decision, you should contact Spelman and let them know your intentions. If you feel your GPA, test scores, and extracurricular activities qualify you for additional money, you should state your case. Good Luck!
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spel_diva2010 replied on 05-14-2008 01:33AM [Reply]
I would definately recommend going to Spelman. Summer 2006 I was in your same shoes. My parents had no idea how we could afford Spelman. At one point I did not even pay off the second semester of my freshman year. However with great blessings and support I paid it off and a scholarship was waiting for me when I returned, I also took out a loan. And let me tell you now, Spelman RARELY, RARELY gives out scholarships. However, I must say that it is easier to find scholarships once you are a Spelman student. Stay on the radar with the financial aid office and they will look out for you. Spelman wants you to be their student. I would not be able to study abroad next semester if it were not for the Spelman Study Abroad Advisor speaking with my host institution in Australia. Now because I am a Spelman student (with low funds) I will be studying there on a full tuition scholarship for the fall.
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