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is it cheatin or not? Posted on 06-12-2004
caramel wonder

basically my friend's xboy sucked my **** while they were still 2gether i aint said nuttin cuz i dnt wanna hurt her ..i told 1 of my gurls and she said that he didnt cheat on my gurl......i dnt beleive that but yea man guess first time for everything..
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replied on 07-05-2004 09:03PM [Reply]
1 i dnt do oral 2 we were on a train comin bac from the chi to dc and he was tryin to kiss me i said no next thing i new his hand was down my shirt 3 my friend still dnt no and i dnt wanna tell her cuz well se still aint ova that negro 4 i no it was wrong but wut done is done 5 the boy transfered schol bout to go to a community college so i aint neva gonna hear from him again 6 DAMN MAN AND I WAS SO PROUD THAT I WAS THE ONLY ONE OF MY GURLS THAT DINDT DO NUTTIN WIT HIM
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natalie_g replied on 07-06-2004 01:39AM [Reply]
yeah it's cheating tell her before somebody else does you know can't nobody hold a secret
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CaUpAntHeR08 from Nashville, TN replied on 07-06-2004 01:50AM [Reply]

I don't even know who's asking if they are actually cheating or not, but I do have an answer. IF YOU HAVE TO QUESTION WHETHER IT IS CHEATING OR NOT THEN YES IT IS CHEATING!!!!!! :wink:
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