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need advice.... Posted on 06-14-2008
washington, DC
hey every1.ok so i'll be a senior this fall of the 2008-2009 school year and i've pretty much chosen all the schools i am going to apply for. those inculde: Fisk University, Virginia State University, Johnson C. Smith University, Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College, Tuskegee University, Hampton University. (i refuse to apply to Howard because i practically live across the street from it.lol). i also chose non-HBCU schools to be diverse. now my first problem is this: i need to know more about the school, preferably from students who already attend the institutes. i plan on going on a college tour at some point during the school year but im not sure if i'll be able to visit all the schools. i want someone to honestly tell me more about the social life, the people, the academics, the professors, the area..etc basically anything that could give me more insight in the school. i secondly, i also want to know about the school's financial aid/grant, scholarship programs. how much did you guys receive?etc. finally, i just wanna get general statements about the schools. any pros and cons. i'll appreciate any amount of help.thank you !!!=]
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Hova's Girl <3 from Brooklyn, NY replied on 11-30-2008 03:47PM [Reply]

Well both my older sisters go to Johnson C. Smith, & they say the LOVE it!!! My cousin is a senior at Hampton & he hates coming home...he loves Hampton to death lol & he got to work with Obama!!!! Thats reason enough for me to apply...lol
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ashgilly from Gallatin, TN replied on 11-30-2008 04:44PM [Reply]
Well, I can tell you about Spelman, CAU, and Fisk. Fisk, because I live like 15 minutes away. Maaan, I love going down to Fisk, it's always something to do, plus it's on Jefferson St.(the blackest st. in nashville). On top of that you got TN State practically right next door, and that's a party school. And the homecomings are the bestttt! I'm applying to Fisk too. It's also a great school, aside from the social aspects. Spelman and Clark! AHHH, my top 2 schools. Man, I only took a visit to those schools and had fun. It's ATLANTA, always something to do for the blk folks! lol I actually visited the schools twice, one time with my mom and another time with my friend. The first time was during the summer, but the second was in Sept.. Man we had so much fun just hanging out on campus! It was a friday, so we got to stay and chill for market friday, the whole AUC was there representing. CAU has new dorms and we got to go inside, really nice. I'm sure you know how great these schools are. Plus Morehouse boys are easy on the eyes! lol
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Lovinit10 from hampton, VA replied on 11-30-2008 08:15PM [Reply]

Well I'm not a student at Hampton University but I live in Hampton so i'll tell you a little about the area. It's not a lot to do here but most people do all of their partying and stuff in Norfolk and VA beach . We don't have a mall rite now because their rebuilding it and it should be done by the Spring of '09 or '10. Also if you haven't been on a tour of the campus yet their High School Day is on April 4th.
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