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Admission Help Howard University Posted on 06-15-2008

hey..ok..so i'm considering applying to Howard University early action, but i hear that most schools want the best of the best to apply early. Well my question is..what is Howard's stance on that? Would applying early be considered cowardice? Thanks!
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Mz.OoOSoBriLLiiant replied on 06-15-2008 08:24PM [Reply]
I Noticed u posted this twice lol and still have no answer even tho i DONT go to howard i think i can make a valuable comment. MOST schools want the best of the best to apply early. Either way if you feel your best of the best u should apply early and get a good heads up OR u can just aply early but under regular admission. I heard u have a better chance of getting in under regular but if you feel your Howard material Early or Regular shouldnt Make a big difference. And oh Yea are u SURE u wanna go to Howard... Because depending on how they do their early admissions u have to go there if ur accepted. alot of things to think about. if u wait atleast u have time to weigh ur options. for example for other schools financially or if anything can suddenly happen u have a chance to have more then one option feel me? Sorry wish i coulda gave u a direct answer but i think i coulda help a lil...
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HowardBound09 replied on 06-15-2008 08:28PM [Reply]
lol..well yea i wanted to put it in two different forums. Thanks a lot though!!! but i did hear that Howard is not binding
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Mz.OoOSoBriLLiiant replied on 06-15-2008 08:29PM [Reply]
You welcome!
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realsista4lyfe from Beltsville, MD replied on 06-18-2008 09:18AM [Reply]
Applying early to Howard is an excellent idea. Mos t student who get in come from those who apply early. There early admission is non binding so if you are accepted and decide to go to another institution then you can do that. The earlier you start the application process, the less stress!!! I would suggest that you begin you application this summer. I believe you will be able to begin applying in late june or july. Try to get alot of essays done now so that you will not be overwhelmed in the fall and don't be reluctant to get help. I would also suggest studying for you SATs as well so that you can qualify for their scholarships. and start looking for other schoarships NOW! Good luck in your quest to attend HU!!!!
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