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Living the HBCU Legacy Posted on 07-15-2008

Frederiksted, VI
I live in a world where society condescends upon the ignorant, and without remorse shun those who lack hope, ambition, and understanding. Education is the only thing that separates our collars and classes; for without it our race, gender, class, and creed wouldn’t stand for as much as it does today. Equality would reign throughout, and our skins would be mentally blanched to obtain the same integrity as that of a white man. Nowadays a degree is what sets you apart from thousands of hopefuls that possibly all possess the same potential. A college degree certifies that you command the knowledge it takes to accomplish any given job at that particular field. This it what many of my peers and superiors fail to understand; that even today as an African American we must strive to duplicate and exceed our desires in order to establish our ideals. Historically Black Universities, in so many ways, has helped to transform our society, making it possible for minority groups to achieve higher education. We often take for granted the fact that even during the 1990’s African Americans weren’t allowed to be educated in the same buildings as Caucasians, making it impossible to receive the education that we now have as students. Several years later, and we are now blessed with Black Colleges and Universities in almost each of our United States. With a Black president in the near future, our race has come a long way; and without the facilities it takes to educate us, our evolution could have never made it thus far. In this day and age Blacks not only participate, but excel in the fields that were once not even an option for our race. My peers and I can now look up to those pioneers, and look forward to one day adding our prints to the longs list of achievements we have conquered so far. Not going to college has never been an option for me, however, my ancestors were not as fortunate as we are to be born into a point in time where HBCUs are in full effect. So in August, I will be granted the education that thousands of my people before me were excluded from. With an eager mind and a hopeful heart, Virginia State University will give me the skills and opportunity I need to be great.
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Home > Forums > Interest Groups > HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns > Scholarship Opportunities > Essay Submissions: Living the HBCU Legacy
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