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Attending an HBCU and living the Legacy Posted on 07-17-2008

ďAn education isnít how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. Itís being able to differentiate between what you know and what you donítĒ, this famous quote once stated by Anatole France is the precise reason why I am pursuing a higher education. There are a lot of things in this world that I do know but then the things I donít know outweigh the things I do know. HBCUs have contributed to American history because they give the African American students a better opportunity at an education. They bring diversity and identity to its campus. HBCUs have also contributed greatly to the advancement of colored people around the world. In early years an education was in a sense a black individualís weapon against the white society. It fought racism, poverty, and illiteracy. The development of HBCUs in American history gave the African American individual an opportunity to gain this weapon. In the 1950ís it was stated that HBCUs accounted for producing 75 percent of all black Ph.D.ís. and black army officers, over 75percent of all black federal judges and black physicians. In the new millennium HBCUs serve a little under 15percent of all African American students enrolled in a college or university. In addition to this great achievement, HBCUs have also opened the doors of an educational opportunity for those black individuals who were once legally denied an education. HBCUs are still relevant today because they are a historic tie to the past for the children of the future. African American history is taught in the school system and by an African American student attending an HBCU, it gives them the opportunity to learn more about their history than if they were to attend a different type of college or university. HBCUs are very relevant today because they bring heritage to its campus. We can learn a lot from an HBCU. We can learn to never take anything for granted and take advantage of what is presented before you. If it wasnít for HBCUs I believe the African American race would be significantly behind that of our rival races, concerning education.
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Home > Forums > Interest Groups > HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns > Scholarship Opportunities > Essay Submissions: Living the HBCU Legacy
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