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An Opportunity of a Lifetime Posted on 07-26-2008

“Spelman thy name we praise; standards and honor raise; we’ll ever faithful be throughout eternity…” These meaningful words engulfed the morning air as we entered a society of prestige and honor. I proudly walked along side my Spelman sisters, future sources of support and guidance over the next four years. As I gazed at my picturesque new home through tear filled eyes, I silently thanked God for Harriet Giles and Sophia Packard. I was living my most precious dream; I was finally a Spelman woman. Spelman College, rich in legacy and tradition is arguably home to the most talented and intellectual college women, who go on to become the most successful and renowned Black women in America. Spelman attracts the attention of people all over the world that are eager to join its prominent community and become a devout patron to help it continue to thrive. The opportunity to matriculate through an HBCU has been an experienced that cannot be compared or replaced by any other. Black colleges are more than just a means of higher education for African Americans. Black Colleges hold the survival tools that assist young blacks in navigating through a world full of challenges. It is one of the last opportunities to exist in a community encompassed with black scholars who are working to become trailblazers in a predominantly white world. This environment nurtures young black individuals, increasing academic potential and allowing them to build confidence essential in a workforce where encouragement may be rare. Most importantly, Black colleges are where most black students meet lifelong friends. From Greek organizations to athletic teams, black colleges are breeding grounds for life changing relationships. Whether meeting the love of your life, your maid of honor, or a mentor; the friends you meet will quickly become like members of your extended family. Of course, there is no family reunion like the annual “Homecoming” reunion where old memories are reminisced upon and new ones can be made. While black colleges were once a safe haven for freed slaves to learn, they were also their only option and often targets for discriminatory actions by white America. African Americans were unmoved by the challenges before them and continued towards a new life with un-shackled feet. Despite the potential controversy, in 1881, two brave white women opened their doors to allow eleven black girls the opportunity to become educated. Now, Spelman College once assigned for barracks and drill grounds during the Civil War is home to over 2,000 women who are changing the world. Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) all over America are continuously tarnishing stereotypes and doubts about the limits of African Americans. Those pioneers, who made learning revolutionary hundreds of years ago, not only saved our people from incompetence, but made it possible for black people to make extraordinary achievements. For this, Spelman grads will forever be indebted to our illustrious founders.
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Home > Forums > Interest Groups > HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns > Scholarship Opportunities > Essay Submissions: Living the HBCU Legacy
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