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HBCU clothes at Victorias Secret Posted on 07-26-2008
Indianapolis, IN
FINALLY! After a student at Howard University wrote to Victorias Secret they decided to add 5 HBCU's to their fall line. At first when they responded to her they basically went around the question and said they could not disclose any information about future lines, but they were going to add more schools. So the student created a facebook group with over 400 students. Now they agreed to add hbcu's to the line, which only makes sense because hbcu students can dress.lol. I remember the first time I walked onto Howard's campus and thinking wow. I probably should've done more than just roll out of the hotel room. haha but hey I'm from Indiana. That is what we do.
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Orca51 from Indianapolis, IN replied on 07-27-2008 11:35PM [Reply]
I'm a junior with the credits of a senior. Due to a very nerdy freshman schedule of taking zero hour + not having a lunch break. Worst mistake ever though I felt like I was dying the entire year. I think I might stick around for the entire two years though...even though I could just get my diploma and leave. Plus I'll be 18 my entire senior year since my birthday is in August, so my mom wouldn't mind much. I feel like I'd miss too much if I leave. Walking at graduation with my actual friends, senior prom, kairos(this really secretive retreat thing that you can't know what happens until senior year) all I know is they come back really different from when they left...so I think I should stay. lol. I'm not positive yet though. I don't particularly get along with the fam so I might just graduate early. Even though sophomore year I didn't do to great because of some other stuff going on.
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going_places_504 from new roads, LA replied on 07-27-2008 11:39PM [Reply]

ooohhhh....so you have the option of graduating with the class of '09?
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Orca51 from Indianapolis, IN replied on 07-28-2008 12:48AM [Reply]
yeah...but I think i'd rather graduate w/ my friends. the thing is...i don't get along with the family so they are making me want to graduate now. I love my friends to death though so I don't really want to leave with that one unfinished year. Idk yet though. It's a tough decision. I even considered just moving out senior year, but continue high school but take some easier classes so I can work and afford an apartment. still deciding. Guess i need to decide soon though...august is right around the corner.
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going_places_504 from new roads, LA replied on 07-28-2008 12:52AM [Reply]

its all about maturity...no one can do anything successfully if they're not ready to handle it....so just think it over
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replied on 07-28-2008 08:14AM [Reply]
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going_places_504 from new roads, LA replied on 07-28-2008 01:56PM [Reply]

congrats! ....oh ya got fam in the N.O huh...aint got too much out there? right now new orleans is really what you make it
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