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Living the HBCU Legacy Posted on 07-28-2008

Historically black colleges are the cornerstones of our African American history. In this day and age we each need to utilize all our resources to become successful and HBCUís offer that opportunity to our people. They have helped our race always and in all ways and continue to administer a feeling of comfort to those who seek it. In the past these colleges have accepted some of the brightest minds and helped mold our society discreetly without much credit being offered. Our generation is next in line to become a product of these schools and to show the world these universities are a necessity.
There are many people who resided in our societies that believe their purpose is to influence young minds in any shape or form possible. That includes teachers, relatives, neighbors and etc. These mind-molders generate the power to access our abilities and help us channel our inner selves by education. So in reality it really does take a village to raise a child. On the other hand what they donít know is that it takes a place like a HBCU to help that child succeed. To attend these historical monuments has been a privilege handed to us that we are taking for granted. These schools offer an exciting college experience, a newfound appreciation for the struggles that brought us so far and a wonderful education offered by some of the greatest minds with a genuine purpose to watch us all become something unforgettable.
Wilberforce University, the oldest HBCU in the United States, has affected our country in a countless number of ways. With its great degree programs and its excellence in its sports programs its open the doors for many young men and women and has persuaded others to join the HBCU family. In the past, other black colleges have housed some very influential people have had dreams and hopes and made them a reality. Our Civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. is a perfect example a success story. He attended Morehouse as a bright scholar who excelled and graduated without even completing high school. He went on to be a minister and began preaching at various churches and wherever else his voice would carry. These are the qualities you graduate with along with a new outlook on life and your culture.
In Conclusion, Historically Black Colleges have made their mark on society as a positive for the present and beyond. Their perception of what the world can be is a dream of tomorrow that rests in my generationís hands. Those who make revolution impossible make dangerous war inevitable. Change is a unified effort.
These schools offer a great education, a way to become accustomed to our culture and a refreshing experience
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Home > Forums > Interest Groups > HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns > Scholarship Opportunities > Essay Submissions: Living the HBCU Legacy
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