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HBCU's Contribution and Relevance Posted on 07-28-2008

Historically Black Colleges and Universities are institutions that provide an education to mostly minorities, and give them an opportunity to succeed. HBCU’s greatly contribute to American history. These institutions allowed African-Americans a chance to receive an education at the collegiate level. Most, if not all, African-Americans were not allowed to go to school. College may have been the first time they received schooling. Obtaining a degree provided African-Americans with success and courage. With that degree they had the ability to have a career or job to provide for themselves and their families. HBCU’s did not just provide African-Americans with an education, but also gave them hope to overcome struggles. African-Americans were enslaved under a multitude of rules, which kept them down physically and mentally. Attending school lifted their spirits and allowed African-Americans to feel powerful. From the education African-Americans received, they were able to educate their families in a variety of ways, but most importantly, getting an education was not just a dream anymore, it was a reality. Today, HBCU’s give not only Blacks an opportunity for an education, but other minorities as well. The relevance of an HBCU today is to maintain the culture and tradition of Black students receiving an education. Students may forget that their ancestors were not allowed any type of schooling. In fact, if they were caught trying to read or write, they were punished. Black students need to be aware of the sacrifices made for them to be educated. The education at an HBCU is more versatile than non-HBCU’s. The education given is not only to succeed in a majority Caucasian workplace, but also about knowing Black culture. This education does not necessarily come only from the classroom, but from the immediate society in and around the HBCU. HBCU’s create a small, comfortable, and supportive learning environment. Some students may not have had support from family while in secondary schooling. HBCU’s care about the students academically and personally. The small atmosphere also allows for growth and maturation within the individual to succeed in school and life. The lessons to be learned about HBCU’s are that Blacks do care and support one another despite society’s misconceptions. Negative images are often portrayed in the media such as Black-on-Black crime, but HBCU’s provide support and unity. Some HBCU’s are more expensive than others and some students may feel that they can not afford the education and look elsewhere. Students should not fear that they are not eligible for an education due to lack of money. Historically Black Colleges and Universities are here to help; they have in the past and they will continue on in the future.
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Home > Forums > Interest Groups > HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns > Scholarship Opportunities > Essay Submissions: Living the HBCU Legacy
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