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Thank GOD for Historically Black Colleges and Universities Posted on 07-31-2008

America is known as the land of the free and the home of the brave. The only problem I have with this theory is the fact that this is not always true. I find it quite difficult to progress in a land where separate was considered equal. A land that is always fighting freedom, but forgets some of its own people. There are no excuses for slavery of any sort but there had to be some reason. To call someone a derogatory word is low, but preventing them for succeeding is much worst. I feel as if people of color were restrained because someone knew that they could do great things. Maybe it was the thought that African Americans would be better at more things than Caucasian folks. It had to be something of this nature because, a **** owner once said, “An educated **** was useless, for he would begin to think.” Not allowing an individual to think, that is just like you, is immoral. That is my sole reason for encouraging all African Americas to learn. I am constantly telling my little brother, every time he drags to do his homework, “Long ago you could not learn, even if you wanted to. Now you can learn everything there is to be taught. People died for you to have this opportunity. How dare you be so unappreciative of the lives lost?” For the most part, the worst is over and we must look forward. My question is, “How do you progress when you have been restricted and oppressed for so long?” Many great African-Americans have answered this question by their actions. The establishment of HBCUs has contributed to American History by simply changing it. Before the Civil War educated people of color were uncommon. Of course there were the fortunate ones like Fredrick Douglas, a self-educated man of color. The uneducated out numbered the educated by masses. When the Morril Land-Grant Act gave federal lands for the purpose of higher education, many of these great opportunities were not open to American Americans. This called for a change. If John tells Thomas that he can not have any of his lunch, it is human nature for Thomas to go in search for his own lunch. That was what it took, determination. To pursue without ceasing, that was the secret of success. It was our turn to learn. It was our opportunity to say, if you let me learn, I can be just as smart as you. I can live my wildest dreams. My father was not a doctor but I can be. My Grandfather or my father could not vote but, I will. My voice will be heard. It was a sense of new hope and a new beginning. Thanking God should be first on our agendas because he started it. Education began in the church far before the government gave the okay for HBCUs. Secondly, HBCUs are just as good and, in many cases, better than white schools. I am so proud of the black college graduates, for they have come so far. America has black doctors, governors, civil right’s activists, school teachers, lawyers, and the list goes on of all the individuals making a difference in today’s world. With a black man running for President of The United States of America, progression can be seen clearly. All things done so far are merely making it better for the individuals that will follow. Without Historically Black Colleges or Universities, the movement would have never started. Many African Americans would not have so many opportunities. We have learned that we must excel and do well so that we may be judged by the content of character and not by the color of our skin. Living this way will make so many of our people who set up our futures proud. One must always remember that they have to be the change they want to see in the world.
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Home > Forums > Interest Groups > HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns > Scholarship Opportunities
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