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BAD INTENTIONS (my evil side) Posted on 06-15-2004

New semester, that mean new clothes & book money/ but condoms is a must, HBCU’s are full dummies/ lying to my girl, telling her that Imma stay faithful/ really thinking about the dorms and when I can see Rachel/ lil country shortie, her first semester, caught up in a new world/ actually believin I was gonna make her my new girl/ I told her everything she wanted to hear, she just wanted attention/girl im from the hood, i only have bad intentions/ meant her at a party she was feelin the green eyes & the accent/ few hour later im telling her It was an accident..... The problem you see man/ is shortie had a beef with ****/ but some how that ****ended all up in her teeth man/ she should have been studyin instead of being a flirt/ i saved u the embarressment walking across campus with a stain on ur shirt/ She held out for two weeks but in the end she couldn’t resist the meat/ I told her, I don’t mess wit go-go, but ****, you can beat you feet/ right out that door/ im on to the next hoe/matter of fact I need a new date/ wuz up wit ur roommate…… i tried....just my thoughts
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blaque_babigurl_barbie from Choudrant, LA replied on 07-02-2004 09:58PM [Reply]

dang...ya thoughts huh???
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oOoDazzlingDanceroOo replied on 07-03-2004 12:06AM [Reply]
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blaquezilla replied on 07-04-2004 03:11PM [Reply]
****. that sounds like a rhyme that sporty thieves would make. comical. lol. cool though. i liked the way it flowed.
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replied on 07-04-2004 03:42PM [Reply]
HARSH :!: I like it :twisted:
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