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Living The HBCU Legacy Scholarship Competition Posted on 08-01-2008

Historically Black Colleges and Universities have paved the way for millions of African Americans. In the mid 19th century, colored based institutes’ were established to provide education to those of African descent. African American churches administrated their own elementary and secondary educations preparing southern blacks to further develop their studies. The American Missionary Association, which was a formed institution devoted to “the Negro Problem”, the Freedmen’s Bureau and black churches “were the backbone of black higher education” (HBCU Network). HBCU’s have contributed a great deal to the African American Community, allowing blacks the opportunity to become educated and successful. Toni Morrison, Spike Lee, Langston Hughes, Howard Thurman, Martin Luther King Jr., Web DuBois, Ruth Simmons, are only a selected few successful African Americans who have attended an HBCU. The roles and function of HBCU’s have been scrutinized and questioned for many years because of their relevance to society because now “African Americans can attend predominantly white institutes” as stated in an article titled “HBCU Students, Alumni Debate Relevance of HBCU’s” BY Crystal Tate. However, I have found since attending an HBCU, that blacks enjoy attending HBCU’s. It gives them the opportunity to come together as a community and embrace their need of education. I personally chose to attend an HBCU to receive the “black experience”, and it has been a wonderful experience. HBCU’s not only educate about business management, psychology, mathematics or philosophy, but also about “our”, African Americans’ culture and heritage and what we as blacks in America have succeeded at to better our community. It is not easy living in the United States as an African American. However with the help of HBCU’s throughout America, lessons with reference to teaching blacks about responsibilities needed to succeed in the work force as well as life require a sufficient amount of attention. Lessons that can be learned form attending an HBCU are those of great value. Do not take anything for granted, as African Americans, we must work harder and more efficient to get where we want to be and achieve success. I have realized by attending an HBCU the professors are always on the students about getting work done on time and professionally, and this is because they want to see us do well in the “real world”. A great number of lessons will be taught and learned while in college, but a majority of lessons will be learned following college. Some of the lessons that we will learn that will further “our” success will come post college. It is a needed priority for blacks to take a stand on higher education.
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Home > Forums > Interest Groups > HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns > Scholarship Opportunities > Essay Submissions: Living the HBCU Legacy
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