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HU pictorial directory Posted on 06-15-2004

For those of you who received a letter in the mail about new students being able to put their photo and information in a directory, who is going to do it? It seems like a koo idea to be able to see a lot of the new students and learn a little about them and to have the pictorial directory only cost $20.88, so I'm going to go ahead and get it and put one of my senior pictures in there.
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JAS04 replied on 06-15-2004 11:17PM [Reply]
Yea , I recieved that same letter. I think I might do that, seems like a nice way to get to know felow incoming bisons.
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BmoreBabigyrl replied on 06-16-2004 12:16AM [Reply]
I want to do it.. but then again a sistah is poor.. cant i just make my own??... Ima look at someone else's and make my own... :lol:
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SagnastyChic replied on 06-16-2004 10:54AM [Reply]
Its a grest thing to do. I did it my freshamn year, adn when i went to pre orientation in MAY, I was able to make friends easily because I knew faces
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HU_Intellect replied on 06-16-2004 12:32PM [Reply]
I got it but my parents thought it was a waste of time and set it aside. What exactly is it?
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runningrl22 replied on 06-16-2004 05:20PM [Reply]
so did my parents they thought it looked like another way for HU jus to take your money.. is it really that good?
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BisonMami replied on 06-16-2004 05:47PM [Reply]
I think I may go ahead and do it. The problem now is tryna find a pic that I don't mind letting alot of other folks see.
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Girl701 replied on 06-16-2004 08:30PM [Reply]
My mom said it was a good idea. I'm glad to hear I wasn't the only one thinking about doing it. Only thing is the paper says we don't get it until September 13th, 2004.
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HU_BadLady replied on 06-16-2004 08:58PM [Reply]
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Pepsi replied on 06-23-2004 12:58AM [Reply]
well...i didnt do it, and nobody i kno did it....i dont think it is really neccessary...i mean, if u wanna kno a coupla head b4 u go up there, go to pre-orientation and b up on here...thats wat i did...i still talk to the old hbcu heads....we still cool...but yea...spend ya money if u must have it i guess...
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