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Please Help Me Wit Morehouse Posted on 08-31-2008

southfield, MI
Ok ok i need some definate help real talk with my life right now, ok i have a GED (long story) and i want to attend Morehouse more than anything but i dont know if they will accept me wit a GED can someone help me out or find out some information if u attend morehouse that would be extremely helpful, i planned to try to apply for the spring semester so i would be a semester late but i definately want to go there for school, someone please help a brotha out
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smc112 replied on 09-01-2008 03:38PM [Reply]
I'm not sure how they feel about GED's. Your best bet is to contact the admissions office and find out their criteria. Just go to their website and get the admission's office phone number.
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Lbooker9 replied on 11-16-2008 12:51PM [Reply]
Yeah, they accept them. Just make sure you have a lot of community service hours to go along with your GED and great essays on your application. Also keep in contact with your admissions rep.(they can really be the deciding factor in your admission process)
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