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Core Dj's Retreat Ix Rescheduled 4 Oct 10-13 Due 2 Weather Posted on 09-02-2008

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Da Cross, GA
Due to the imminent possibility that Hurricane/Tropical Storm Hanna will hit the Carolina's on Friday & Saturday we are forced to reschedule Core DJ Retreat IX to October 10th-13th. It is likely that most flights in the region will cancelled based on the weather outlook. In order to ensure the safety of our scheduled attendees as well as the success and effectiveness of the event we have decided to make this decision now to give everyone time to readjust rather than wait until the last minute to play guessing games with the weather. Please check w/ your individual airlines for the best possible arrangements for rescheduling your flights. Some may charge change and reissue fees for flights not reschedule within the 7-14 storm windows that they provide. Unfortunately we could not find an immediate date for rescheduling with the hotel as well as making sure we did not interfere with any of our fellow DJ organizations currently scheduled events & award ceremonies. We apologize for any inconvenience but there is not much we can do to ensure everyones safety. We will be available to address all sponsorship concerns...hit us on the hotline @ 877.333.9940. All events will go as planned on the reschedule dates. We will send out the updated schedule within the next 48 hours. Same hotel, same registration, MORE DJ's and ARTISTS! There are 511 DJ's registered ALREADY!! The HOTEL is automatically moving the reservations that you made to the October 10th-13th. (IF you called the proper reservation line to book your rooms) Labels with product en route to the hotel please contact them directly to make arrangements for them to store your items. Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience but we guarantee we will move forward on the new date and provide continue to provide everyone with the top notch DJ networking event that expect from the Most Influential DJs in the business. Sincerely, Visit The Core DJ's Network at: The Core DJ's Network The Core DJ's 5th Year Anniversary and The Core DJ's Retreat IX The Core DJs Retreat IX September 5 – 8, 2008 Myrtle Beach, SC For Immediate Release The Core DJ's 5th Year Anniversary Celebration at Retreat IX will be a monumental milestone for one of the Nation's most influential DJ coalitions. Celebrating their legacy and achievements, hundreds of DJs and industry professionals will converge on Myrtle Beach, SC to unite for a weekend of networking, festivities and honoring some of the past, present, and future innovators of the music industry. The Core DJs have successfully presented past retreats in Chicago, Miami (2x), St. Louis, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas and New Orleans; and will continue to do so, making their mark in every city that is part of the movement within the music industry. The Core DJs have decided to bring Retreat IX to Myrtle Beach, SC as their next stop during the weekend of September 5-8, 2008 at the Hilton Resort Myrtle Beach. - More - Continued… The Core DJ Retreat acts as a reunion for all DJs by inviting them to join together, no matter what crew affiliations they have, to network with one another, while attending listening sessions, panels and seminars detailing new industry trends and artists/label performance showcases which have included events presented by Atlantic Records, Def Jam, Warner Brothers, Konvit Muzic, Interscope, J Records, Jive Records, So So Def, Rap-A-Lot Records, Bad Boy Entertainment, Capitol Records, DTP, Grand Hustle, CTE, and a host of others. For more information regarding registration or sponsorship for The Core DJs and The Core DJs Retreat IX, contact Donata Davis by emailing. [EMAIL="donata.coredjs@gmail.com"]donata.coredjs@gmail.com[/EMAIL]" or call 877.333.9940 ext 2. For press credentials please contact Linda Robins by emailing :linda.coredjs@gmail.com" or call 877.333.9940 ext 3. About The Core DJs and The Core DJs Retreat Now in its 5th year, The Core DJs, founded by National Mix Show DJ Tony Neal is a premier coalition and acts as a union for DJs. The Core DJs has over 400 of the countries most influential DJs as well as The Core DJs Latino, The Core DJ Legends, The Core DJs Africa and The Core Models. The Core DJs Retreat is one of the special added components that reunite these members for a weekend of networking, festivities, and honoring some of the past, present, and future innovators of the music industry. Additional information regarding The Core DJs may be obtained by logging on to http://www.coredjs.com or MySpace.com - JOIN THE NEW CORE NETWORK @ www.coredjs.com - www.coredjs.ning.com - R&B / Hip Hop / Other - www.myspace.com/thecoredjs Contacts Core DJs – [EMAIL="coredjs.llc@gmail.com"]coredjs.llc@gmail.com[/EMAIL]- 877.333.9940 x1 General Core DJs Information Up and coming Event Information http://www.CoreDJs.com Donata Elis - [EMAIL="donata.coredjs@gmail.com"]donata.coredjs@gmail.com[/EMAIL] 877.333.9940 x2 Linda Robins [EMAIL="–linda.coredjs@gmail.com"]–linda.coredjs@gmail.com[/EMAIL] - 877.333.9940 x3 Impact [EMAIL="–djimpact@deejayimpact.com"]–djimpact@deejayimpact.com[/EMAIL] - 877.333.9940 x7 Rip [EMAIL="–ripcityent@gmail.com"]–ripcityent@gmail.com[/EMAIL]- 877.333.9940 x8 Derek Jurand "The Big DM" [EMAIL="thebiggdm@tmail.com"]thebiggdm@tmail.com[/EMAIL] 877.333.9940 x9 Tony Neal [EMAIL="–djsonly@gmail.com"]–djsonly@gmail.com[/EMAIL] 877.333.9940 x6 Click below for registration.. http://www.coredjs.com/retreat9registrationform.html Jay Brown Never Sleep Promotions 912.550.3775 229.232.8098 MySpace.com - Never Sleep Promotions-Core DJs 9/5-8Myrtle Beach - 88 - Male - Waycross/A-Town Shawty, Georgia - www.myspace.com/bizzle2289 MySpace.com - Jay Brown- Core DJs Retreat IX 9/5-8 Myrtle Beach - 64 - Male - Waycross/A-Town Shawty, Georgia - www.myspace.com/refusetolose06 "Real Recognize Real I Suppose" Core DJ's Retreat IX Sept 5-8, Myrtle Beach ,SC http://www.coredjs.com -- T.Neal The CORE DJ's "The Bigger Picture in 2008" R.I.P. The Club Queen, DJ K-Swift "Hire A DJ" (its works) http://www.coredjs.com TexasUMS - Texas Urban Music Summit Mixshows: (The "Gimme A Hour" Syndicated National Mixshow List) WRVZ/WIZF/WRJH/WWLD/WBFA/WEDR-Holidays MySpace.com - JOIN THE NEW CORE NETWORK @ www.coredjs.com - www.coredjs.ning.com - R&B / Hip Hop / Other - www.myspace.com/thecoredjs MySpace.com - www.myspace.com/125518149 Satellite Radio Mixshows: Sirius Satellite Radio CORE DJ's Radio 50 Hot Jams (Sat nite/Sun Noon-2 hour Mixshow) The Flash Mash (Every other Sat 7pm est.) Core DJ's Latino-Sirius CH:95 (4 Hours on Sun Nights) MySpace.com - CoredjsLatino - US - Latin / Hip Hop / R&B - www.myspace.com/coredjslatino Invalid Friend ID Konvict Muzik 08' (Did you see that coming?) The CORE DJ's http://www.coredjs.com "We ALL EAT Together" The Core DJ's Retreat IX (The Turning Point) The Core DJ's 5th Year Anniversary Myrtle Beach, SC Sept 5th -7th, 2008 T. Neal Day in Wisconsin (Statewide-Noticed Day/September 14th)
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