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Quick watup!! Posted on 10-14-2008

Hello to all the HBCU goers and leavers. Just dropping through to show some love. This is LJ and right off the top...I didn't attend an HBCU. A&T was my choice by my scholarship to AppState said otherwise. It turned out for the best nonetheless and the Lord has brought me through and to the point that I am now. I have great love and respect for all of you who do attend an HBCU and pray that you make the most of it as you come out on the other end. "No one cares how much you know, until you show how much you care" about your community and yourself. To all the undergrads and grad students, you will be in my prayers as you excel and don't get caught up in the hype of our culture that you start making excuses for why a 2.5 gpa is okay when you could be making a 3.5. When it's all said and done and you don't have the job you want or lack the knowledge you need to really progress in life, you'll look back at all of those parties and think of a few that you could have skipped out on or you could have spent less time with your boo to get that studying done and maybe your relationship would have worked out better and not been about a physical attraction. So yeah, do the right thing and get a worth-while education. Show the rest of the universities that HBCU is a great option. Turn out a whole class graduating with honors, not just 40 out of 800 students. Much love to you. LJ Smith AppState Alumni '04 Liberty U Grad Student '09
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C Nels replied on 10-14-2008 12:39PM [Reply]
Wassup LJ! Welcome to the forums!
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replied on 10-14-2008 12:44PM [Reply]
Watup C_Nels...have a blessed one and thanks for welcome
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Home > Forums > General Discussions > New Member Introductions...
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