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Da Cross, GA
With acts like Asher Roth and B.o.B. on the verge of bringing in some fresh air to this stale **** hip-hop game, I can't help but wonder if Andre 3000 and Eminem is going to embrace or shun the young up and coming MCs. Let's be honest for a moment; Asher Roth sounds like a young Eminem and B.o.B. has a young Andre 3000 vibe down to the lyrical ability. In short, these two are almost carbon copies of their much older musical inspirations. I know I am not alone when I say that hip-hop has gotten boring and the reason why I think it's become so mind-numbing is because a lot of the cats who are in the game, have been in the game for far too long. Jermaine Dupri, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, Lil' Wayne, Nas, Eminem, 50 Cent the list could go on. I've always looked at this business, particularly in hip-hop as a means to get in, make your money, become creative and get out. My point to all of this is, is that we've got a lot of old **** men in the game who are trying to still be taste makers and trendsetters, but they've reached their limit. And rather then embrace today's young MCs and try to help them take their respective places often times the up and comers get shafted. What's up with that? Jermaine Dupri hasn't had a hit in God know's how long, but rather then looking for the new young JD where he can play a role in molding and helping a young producer extraordinaire, the "mogul" continues to look for other avenues to remain relevant. Do people like Diddy and Jay-Z think that they'll be able to do this forever? What's become standard practice in the shark infested waters of the music business is that rappers would rather sign you and shelf you. That way you're not taking any of their shine. Personally, I feel that Eminem and Andree 3000 have a unique opportunity to embrace these cats. Hip-Hop has no chance of surviving if rappers continue to be sellfish with the spotlight. Sean Cater is still dropping albums. The man is on the verge of the big 4-0 and he's cutting new records like he's the Hov from 1995. Nah bruh, I'm done with you. I want to hear the new, young, broke Jigga who's hungry for the mic. Jay's got million up millions of dollars, he's won every musical award their is to win in hip-hop, he's married the flyest chick in the game. What in the hell can this man say on a record that's gonna make me relate to him? NOTHING! I just think its time for the old heads of the game to pass the torch on to the next big thing. Asher, B.o.B. and Charles Hamilton just collaborated on a new song titled "A Change Gonna Come". Well, that chance needs to hurry up and get here. http://blogs.sohh.com/atlanta/2008/11/will_eminem_and.html Talk to y'all lata, --SOHH Gyant Email: sohhgyant@gmail.com
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