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Yo Help Me Out Posted on 12-03-2008

Yo im tryna transfer schools or I guess get back into school this spring or summer. I was at Akron University for the start of this year,but I got into some family troubles and became really distracted. I didnt even have a place to stay I was sleeping in my car,so I couldnt concentrate on class like that.But now I got my stuff together and I wanna go back to school asap, I cant go back to Akron cause all but failed out cause I missed so many days just trying to hustle. So my question is how hard would it be for me to transfer to Lane College in TN or Fayetville State? Or just any HBCU in the south? I would prefer Lane cause id be close to family. I was looking at the transfer stuff and to be honest i dont really fit the criteria. Like they want college transcripts,recommendation letters,etc but like i was never able to be in class to get that type of stuff so what should I do? I was thinking just apply as if I was a high school student but that would be lying and i dont wanna do that. help please
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TSUblueTiger replied on 12-03-2008 10:20AM [Reply]
I did not attend Lane College. However, I am from Tennessee. From what I have heard, Lane seems to be a cool college, academically and socially. Itís very close to Memphis and about 2 hours from Nashville so you can definitely find some social activities. As far as advice, I would call and speak with an admissions officer. Be honest about your situation and ask them for the best course of action. Based upon the hardship that you encountered, I am sure they will take that into consideration. They will probably look at your academic record from High School and test scores. Another option is to take courses at a community college for one semester and transfer with those grades. Best wishes with your future endeavors.
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