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The best white singer ever.... Posted on 06-17-2004

and shes only thirteen......name is JoJo.....I founf out about her while listening to an interview with her..... http://www.wild987.fm/audio/mp3/jojo-weak-live_3-12-04.mp3
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La replied on 07-30-2004 12:41AM [Reply]
Christina Aguilera HANDS DOWN...you may not like her, or her image...but the girl is talented...Have you heard those high notes??? on a side note...did someone actually say JoJo???? ****...
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replied on 07-30-2004 09:19AM [Reply]
:lol: FRANKIE!!!!!!!!!! FRAAAANKIE!!!!!!!!!!!! OHH FRANKIE!!!!!!!!! :lol: i stand by this... that dude was a ****... singin the love songs on that looney toons cartoon as the skinny chicken with the bowtie lol .... chickens passing out n ****and layin eggs out of nowhere
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