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single mother & the AUC Posted on 01-06-2009
Dallas, TX
Good Day Beautiful Black People! I am considering applying to Spelman &/or Clark-Atlanta for the Fall '09 semester. I graduated high school with a 3.6 GPA and made a 32 on my ACT have tons of community service hours and some pretty good recommendation letters therefore I am pretty confident i will get accepted into either one or both of the schools. Once I graduated high school, I went directly into the work force (to care for my son) for 5 years but have decided to go ahead and get that degree. Question: Any single mothers here attend either of these schools and have any concerns, suggestions, tips? Do either campuses have support programs for single mothers? Do you know of any succesfull single mothers who attend this school who currently take care of thier children (as i know many college bound students send thier children to live with thier parents)? Would you suggest one college over the other? sorry for the many questions.. lol
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C Nels replied on 01-06-2009 12:08PM [Reply]
I don't know of anyone in a situation like yours but I commend you on going back to get your education after 5 years! When I was in school I knew a couple single mothers that lived off-campus and put their child in child care during the day and just picked em up. I'm not sure of your financial situation but that may be an option. BUT if your son is 5(school age), try and schedule your classes while he's in school. That way there is no need for child care. Can I ask what made you decide to go back for your degree?
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Krysta_E replied on 01-08-2009 02:20AM [Reply]
I am not a single mother, but a student at Clark Atlanta University. I do have a couple friends that are single mothers and they love it! Unfortunately, I have not heard of any support programs for single mothers. Neither institution caters to the professional student because the majority of students are first time college students.(18-23) I would most definitely check into it because you never know. Good Luck!!
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