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Facebook Interest Posted on 05-02-2009

Don't know if anyone has ever heard of this, but I joined this to gather more insight. So this "fake" facebook user added about 25 or so ladies from my school. They then proceeded to send a message asking if we were interested in their organization. I answered honestly and they proceeded to ask why? I again answered honestly, not **** up or being overly eager, just stating what I know so far about their organization and explaining my first answer. Don't know if this was the right thing to do. However, they said thank you and have a good semester. Now they are bringing out a group of girls and I was wondering if this was some type of selection method, and how should I feel by this rejected or what? Is this common or heard of?
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Kuntri404Gurl from Anywhere, FL replied on 10-26-2009 11:51PM [Reply]

WOW all I can say is be very care what information you send over the internet and who you share it with some people will try to use it against you.
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