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HyPoThEtiCaLLy.... OF COURSE Posted on 05-04-2009

Hello FeLLaz I have a question for yall... Hypothetically: Say you were in a deep relationship with a woman with whom you found to be the one...Everything about this woman was on point... You clicced with her mentally, physically, emotionally and so forth. Now say as yall are into your relationship this woman drops a load on you.... She tells you she was born a HE .......what would you do? Would the dynamics of the relationship change? How would u feel?
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Sister Tamara replied on 05-04-2009 07:53PM [Reply]
PRAISE THE LORD!!! :o OOOHHH, THAT'S MESSED UP!!! I believe that would kill any man's relationship, but if it doesn't than the other guy must have swung both ways before or previously thought about it!!! (of course, this is just my opinion...because in my mind, I think that if they have seen each other naked, than the guy should have known something!!!)
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C Nels replied on 05-05-2009 06:57AM [Reply]
That would have had to come out early on in the relationship that they're a TS. All of the "clickage" would have gone out the door with that admission. So as for me, there would be no relationship. I don't get down with males or "ex-males", surgery or not.
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