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Quick Question to the Zetas and Sigmas Posted on 05-05-2009

Pasadena, CA
NOTE: By asking these questions I do not want people to think that I am thinking about pledging any certain sorority. I don't want rumors to fly that i'm trying to get the info on the Zetas or the Deltas or anything. I'm doing my research so when the time is called on me to look go to an interest meeting I know where I want to go. Until then, I'm letting God run my life =] Ok so now to the Real Question: FIRM FAMILY? First Inter-Racially Mixed Family I just want to see what people's views are on this. A lot of ppl I talked to when I went to school in MD didn't kno anything about this. But in So Cal it's kinda a big deal...Well I'm guessing since there are a lot of minorities over here in the LA area. This is where I kinda got some of my info on it. http://www.greekchat.com/gcforums/showthread.php?t=91775 I know the Zetas and Sigmas are constitutionally bonded but are they really seen as cousins in a way to the Lambda Betas and Lambda Gammas? also SLB, in 1991 became the first Latino based Fraternity to be established at a Historically Black College at Prairie View A&M University Idk if it's still their or not but it is kinda interesting and yeah is there any unity things at Texas Southern? anyways I was wondering if there is any bond or events where they link up in the HBCU's I kno in USC it's kinda big but I was wondering about the South and on the East Coast So yeah... just wondering..sorry for the uber long post
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