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Spelman Sisterz ^_^ Posted on 06-01-2009

I am absolutely, positively, officially, and finally a SPELMAN WOMAN!!!!! Now that I have leaped over that hurdle, my next big task is finding a dorm. I know there are MANY threads on the dorms, but there are none on the dorm bathrooms. I consider myself a neat-freak, so I would like to know which dorms have private bathrooms as opposed to community showers. I know that in the new dorm residence, up to 4 girls have their own rooms and share two bathrooms. I love that idea, but I do not like the idea of a community (locker room-like) shower. What other dorms on the Spelman campus have bathrooms in their actual dorms instead of a community shower? Also, which are the best dorms for sophomores? And how hard is it to get your own room? Please and thanks to all of my sistas in advance
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Arie from Richmond, VA replied on 06-01-2009 11:29AM [Reply]
The new dorm is called The Suites and it is full. None of the dorms have private bathrooms. The older residence halls have bigger rooms but keep in mind that there are no singles left on campus since returning students were able to select their rooms first. LLCI and LLCII have AC. McAlpin has privacy walls in the double occupancy rooms and is closer to the parking deck, student center, and mail center. Laura Spelman and Morehouse James have nice sized rooms. As far as freshman dorms HH and Manley are close to the student center and mail center. Abby has a nice atmosphere that will remind you of a house. LLCI is for honors students.
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