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Dat dude Posted on 06-20-2004
Just Me

it dont rhyme but I was thinkin bout him so here it go.... I wish I could get back all the time I've given all the feelings I caught sometimes wish you'd give me back my heart remember how late it was, and me and you'd still talk youd call me real late and ask me to come over we'd lay up and talk till you fell asleep Id sit there and watch u, hopin u was dreamin bout me all them words you said tho, they aint mean nothin when you said that u cared, I was your beauty, your queen so I gave you my heart piece by piece and when you had it you kept it and went away fom me Now I cant stop thinkin bout the words you said the times we shared the lil things I thought was special wint meant nothin to you them kisses and the heat, you aint feel it too if you felt what I felt u woulda never left me I realized though that you are what you are you made me love you and I dont wanna stop and since you the one that got it, i want you to always have my heart
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In Rod We Trust replied on 08-07-2004 12:39PM [Reply]
10-3-1887 wrote:
fucc what u read, I HATE that guy. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE him....wit a passion that burns throughout my entire heart
DAMN what happened
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