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Transferring to Morehouse Posted on 08-23-2009

Brooklyn, NY
After about a year or two of community college here in NY, I want to attend the school of my dreams, Morehouse College. If anyone has any experience in transferring to this school, tips to beefing up your transfer app, or  know's what to aim for to get accepted, feel free to reply or send a pm. All suggestions are very much appreciated.
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phiaznite replied on 08-31-2009 05:45PM [Reply]

I don't plan to go to Morehouse(I'm a girl)0  but I suggest that you keep a high GPA and take challenging classes, rather than all basic, introductory classes. If you are required to take lower level classes, make sure you work up to the higher level ones. I think something EXTREMELY important is to do community service. You should do hours, and hours. I can't stress that enough. Remember, colleges accept less transfer students than freshman, so you've really gotta put yourself out there. If all the freshman applicants did community service, and you didn't, they won't accept you, bottom line. Morehouse is big on community service, and you've gotta prove that you deserve to be there. After you have a certain number of college credit hours, things you did in high school don't count, so make sure you step your game up. It's a new start. Good luck! 0

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