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Greek Picnic in Atlanta Posted on 06-21-2004

Greetings to all Greeks, sisterfriends, non-members and such, Do anyone know the 411 on the picnic happening this weekend at Morris Brown? I'm trying to gather some info to post on my website.
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DEHYDRAYSHUN replied on 06-21-2004 12:21PM [Reply]
****FRIDAY -JUNE 25TH,2004 **** "GREEK NETWORKING PARTY"@ the ECLECTIC CAFE 2308 cascade rd, Atlanta,Ga 30311 404 758 8557 : log on for detailed directions ( http://www.cascadestation.us) Parking can be found in the rear of the building or across the street next to southtrust bank. Complimentary food from 6:30PM UNTIL.... LIVE MUSIC, AMAZING FOOD AND DRINKS. **REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR BUSINESS CARDS** *****SATURDAY-JUNE 26TH 2004****** ATLANTA GREEK PICNIC ON THE GREEK PLOT OF MORRIS BROWN COLLEGE. (http://www.morrisbrown.edu) (643 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Atlanta, Ga. 30314) Parking can be found around the Greek Plot area and on campus. YOU ALL KNOW WHAT TO DO... GET YOUR STROLLS READY TO SHOW OFF, YOUR CAMERAS, GRILLS AND BE READY TO SHOW OUT AND HAVE A GOOD TIME!!! THE PICNIC STARTS @ 12PM UNTIL....... ****SUNDAY-- CHURCH SERVICE- TBA****** THE AFTER PARTY FOR THE ATL GREEK PICNIC IS @ CLUB FLUIDS IN BUCKHEAD. LADIES PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR COMPLIMENTARY ADMISSION TILL 12 MIDNIGHT. DOORS OPEN @ 10PM DRESS TO IMPRESS! SATURDAY JUNE 26TH,2004 @ CLUB FLUID- ATL GREEK PICNIC AFTER PARTY FOR MORE INFORMATION..EMAIL TIWAWORKS@HOTMAIL.COM www.tiwaworks.com
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Trauma_Unit14 replied on 06-21-2004 04:24PM [Reply]
We (Delta Nu Chapter DST) will definitely be there. We have been planning this for about a month now. Hope to see you all there.
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YoungPhenom4TheFuture replied on 06-22-2004 12:12AM [Reply]
Well greek fest is going on the same weekend in New York at Jones Beach and Im trying to go man. I never been and it seems really hype.
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KärolinaPläyboy from charlotte, NC replied on 06-23-2004 06:21PM [Reply]
YO!!! I needa ride down there!! kan somebodi pick me up from Charlotte?? I hear this weekends gonna be off tha chainz!! (if it don't rain that is)
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DEHYDRAYSHUN replied on 06-23-2004 09:09PM [Reply]
yeh. it's been raining everyday this week in atlanta.
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what's_on_my_mind replied on 06-27-2004 11:19PM [Reply]
How was the picnic???
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KärolinaPläyboy from charlotte, NC replied on 06-28-2004 11:19AM [Reply]
Yo, how'd it go. I couldn't make it
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replied on 06-28-2004 02:16PM [Reply]
The picnic was so much fun for those who werent there. It was a light cloudy and a bit rainy at times, but man, all the energy and greek love that was in the air made you forget about all that. The stroll-offs were tight. Of course my lovely sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha were getting their stroll on! It was like one giant outdoor greek party. There was a LOT of strolling going. My Alphas were doing it to EVERY song. I love my brothers. Following the picnic was a block party over never the AUCenter as well and it tooo was off the hook. The after party was held at a club in Buckhead called Fluid. Needless to say, for those that missed it, you missed it out because it was the best! :lol:
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DEHYDRAYSHUN replied on 06-28-2004 04:05PM [Reply]
Yeh. It was sooo deep. Mann my legs are still hurting. Too much fun. lol. Phi Beta Sigma and Zeta Phi Beta definitely held it down also. Learning new hops from people everywhere. Grubbing and chilling hard. Everybody was wilin out.Block party was straight. Went to it late cuz I had to handle some business. But yeh, that picnic is something I'm definitely going to be looking forward to each year. Wish I had some pictures, but I didn't bring a camera. If somebody has any, post them up. Peace.
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