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Can we go back to the old forums? Posted on 09-28-2009

Hi, just wondering if we can go back to the way the old forums were set up.  Obviously, the new forum design has ran everyone away.  Maybe the feeling of being anonymous is gone, and that is why people aren't posting anymore.  For one, you have a big picture by everyone's name and where they are from and a link to their profile page.  People might just want to post anonymously without anyone knowing who they are.  The old forums were separate from the HBCU profiles, and you didn't know who was posting.  It was funner that way.  Anyway, this is just my opinion.  I know it took a while for the HBCU technology team to come up with this new design, but people aren't posting anymore.0

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C Nels replied on 04-12-2010 03:57PM [Reply]

I noticed.

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