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WAKE UP MY PEOPLE Posted on 06-21-2004

This first poem is entitled "Are We Fre". I wrote this poem because I hear alot of us (Afrikan Amerikkkans) say we are FREE, but I dont think that they know the truth. We are not yet free and this poem is gonna prove it. ( I think I wrote that right lol lol lol lol) ARE WE FREE My mind is racing never pacing Time it’s not taking to slow down Is it an illusion or straight up confusion Or have I reached the conclusion That we are not yet free Maybe from the 1700’s-1800’s slavery But not from the lying the cheating and the robbery We steal from each other and we **** each other Yet we wonder why we can’t be strong The new generation is already contemplating About how to make the green that runs this nation Instead of being in school learning how to read He’s outside on the corner selling weed At the age of fourteen he’s got a nine-millimeter gun in his jeans ARE WE FREE Mothers selling their babies for crack Living in rundown shacks Walking up and down the streets cause she’s a dope fiend We want to be free but we are blind and cannot see That the white man ain’t doing a damned thang It is us holding ourselves back because support for each other we lack When one of us reaches the top we pull them back down Upset that we couldn’t do the same I’ll leave you with this PEACE, no not with your fingers apart But with your fingers together because As my GQ brothers say We will never be free if we aren’t together ARE WE FREE? By Darnita “Sweet D” Smith Copyright©2004 All Rights Reserved This second one is Die For Your Block. I think it is kind of self explanatory. “DIE FOR YOUR BLOCK” You say you will die for your block But will your block die for you Is your block going to get you out of jail When you are caught acting like a fool Will your block take you in When you are standing in the cold When things didn’t go quite right And you have nowhere left to go If a bullet comes your way Will your block take it in the chest Or will it let you take it and let you die Pretty much like the rest Hmph! You say you will die for your block But will your block die for you? By Darnita “Sweet D” Smith Copyright©2004 All Rights Reserved
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replied on 06-24-2004 09:08AM [Reply]
It would be nice if I could get some written feedback from my fellow HBCU folks. But thanks for stopping by to read the poems.
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GaPeAcH replied on 07-11-2004 01:11AM [Reply]
i like ur work gurl keep doing u
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replied on 07-26-2004 12:19AM [Reply]
Both the poems were great....Ur very talented.....keep on doin it
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